We need another new forum!!!

I think that t-mag needs a forum strictly for Mag-10 like the hot-rox forum? any others agree?

Hmmmm might not be a bad idea but the steroid forum probably covers it in a round about way.

I’m just thinking that there have been between 7 and 8 bazillion threads on MAG-10 that are completely searchable. I could be a little off on the number.

Mag10 is old. Why?

why is it old?


why a thread?

IMO (for what THAT’S worth) Mag-10 is a “legal” anabolic, and hence different from the intent of the steroid category, though it has the same effect, and therefore may warrant a new category.

But then are we going to split hairs for each and every little thing - a Red Kat category - I can just imagine the fun there…

Whoops. Why a forum?

Thats what I meant.

No, we don’t. Let’s get use to the new forums (and the deletion of one forum) for now.

Rather than a new forum for each supplement, it might make sense to have a supplements forum where threads about all of them go.

Yeah, Why is Mag-10 old? Let’s get technical and explore the intrincacies of this highly debatable and controversial topic which is stirring the waves in modern time.

I want a Powerdrive forum, dammit!

I’m still mourning the loss of the Dog Pound.


Ultrafilter’s right. They should just do a supplement forum.

Nah no new forums for now… maybe in the future though we could have a martial arts forum or a fun with chemistry forum, (other than roids, and not drugs GS :wink: