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We Need Another Christianity Thread


Christian point of view : God was bored and needed a set of doormats/housepets that he could use from time to time as a punching bag, so he created Man, but He gave him free will so he would transgress and could then be punished! And transgress he did...so He cast man aside so He could gleefully watch him suffer for his disobedience -- and yea suffer man did, but he didnt do quite as badly as God expected him to, and as years went by, Man evolved, and he actually had a LOT of fun creating obstacles for himself and then overcoming them, and worse, man forgot that he was being punished ---- and WORST OF ALL, man all but forgot that he was initially created by a bored God to worship Him!

So He decided to remind Man that - he, as in, man had a superior being who was watching him, and that Man was being punished and that he better make it look like he's suffering, AND that the only way out of his punishment (should he eventually realize that he was being punished) was to accept His Son as the messiah, etc. Well "some" took it to heart and as for the others, they carried on like nothing ever happened.

So the "believers" combined their forces and waged war on the "unbelievers" and massacred many of them so that they could save their heathen souls from the horrible punishment of life on earth followed by afterlife in the eternal pit of fire ---- and the list of "believers" grew.... and the story rolls on!


...like the ass needs another hole.

I'm sorry. Continue.


Inb4 this thread slides down crap mountain.

carry on, I bring my bucket of popcorn :wink:


"Poo-Poo, stinky heads."


Envelope please...... and the trophy for utterly mal-informed ignorance goes to none other than (drum roll please) Quick Ben!!!! Congratulations sir. This award for singular achievement by a man outstanding in his field is well deserved.


I posted this in GAL. Why was it moved to the mental asylum?


Because that's where you fit in best. Welcome aboard. My name is Greg and I'll be your friendly smiling doctor for your wonderful stay here so feel free to buzz me if you need anything. I've been a student of the incomparable Doctor Jesus of Nazareth longer than you've probably been alive so if you ever actually care about an historically Christian view such as that which was in the unquestionable ascendancy when this once great nation was put in motion, I'll be happy to do my best to help ya out. It may not feel like it right now, but you're in the right place. =]




You wouldn't be the first one to waste most of his life delving into religious texts. If you were born in Saudi Arabia you would be wailing in the street somewhere about Allah. As it is you are the resident fire and brimstone bible-thumper.

Being greeted by you at the door to the asylum is a fitting enough metaphor. But I think you'll find your doctors cloak is really a straight jacket.


Religion has its roots in man trying to control nature, aka magic. The Christian/Jewish bible is full of people sacrificing to an angry, jealous Yahweh in fierce competition with the OTHER pagan deities of its time.


My own country is almost 100% atheist, and it is exceedingly successful and peaceful. We have something like 2% church attendance. Say no to churches and their religious bullying, which more often than not comes under the guise of a helping hand.


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Don't get me wrong, the church here serves it's purpose in regards to weddings, funerals and so on. However a survey a few years back concluded that 72% of the population did not believe in a personal god. Some would still call it a "christian" country, but I think that is a ludicrous statement considering the low church attendance. We are in reality an atheist nation.


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I am expressing my distaste for clerical bullying based upon incredible and unproven myths, while at the same time providing an example that shows we don't need religion to coexist peacefully in this day and age, if in fact we ever did.


This is a good point. Conversion by bread is more effective than conversion by sword.

Look, even now, how the "generous" religious hate to be taxed, but will give money to Christian charities - this way, you have the needy given reason to make good associations with the religion, and the believers can say "Look at how great the Catholic Church is.. they help so many people! Isn't religion great?"


... and if you've got something to say Push, don't beat around the bush with "so is this what you're trying to say"... just go right ahead and type out whatever atheist atrocity you're getting at. lol


Yes CLEARLY that was his point. And if you can disprove this point, which he clearly intended, you will prove that atheism is incorrect, that a personal creator god does exist, that the personal creator god known as Yahweh is the one and only personal creator god, and that everything written in both the old and new testaments of the christian bible are accurate and factual.

So, you started that "no more strawman" thread because you enjoy using strawmen arguments and hate when people point it out to you?


Well, let me express my distaste for etatist bullying based upon incredible and unproven myths.


Excuse me, what?