'We Need an American Spring'

The American “Grassroots” Spring was the Tea Party mr. Algore


Is he envisioning a revolt of the 50% who pay no taxes to revolt? What a Jackass.

He’s right. Too bad he doesn’t understand why.

We need to have an American spring, you know, the Arab spring. The non-violent part of it isn’t finished yet, but we need to have an American spring.

Between the self-immolation, violent suppression, civil war, and a standing military state, I’m not clear on which part of the ‘Arab Spring’ he’s advocating? Because, to me, it’s not clear that the violent part is finished yet.

Wouldn’t a ‘spring’ confined to one country (at least, I don’t hear Canadians or the Brits proposing the overthrow of their monarchy, again) be just a plain old revolution?

I wish politicians faded away literally.