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We Need a TRT Forum?


But I would not want to see a typical sticky that gets hijacked with off-mission clutter. This is a good example of what is going wrong now:

That means that it should be closed from posting by everyone. As there are many sub topics that should have there own page or pages, this calls for a structure that seems to suggest a forum that supports many threads and not be a single thread sticky. I guess that I would be asking for editorial control. Content would be added, adjusted and refined over time and others can suggest changes or submit contributions.

If a forum format, then there could be some open thread for discussion, suggestions etc. This would prevent guys from discussing there "cases" in these threads. This would be best handled as new threads in the over 35 forum. The over 35 forum could have a stick with a link or links into the TRT forum.

If we could go forward with this, there may be some other other technical/html aspects that need to be explored. Such as the ability to control the order of the sticky threads, so a topic can be inserted into a logical place as a table of contents.

I think that we can really improve the accessibility, quality and utility of the info that gets dumped into the existing non structured forum.

So, what do you think of this?


KSMan - I think this is a great idea, at least giving TRT/HRT it's own forum outside of "Over 35".

Those problems, discussions, protocols etc. aren't necessarily only for those "Over 35". There have been quite a few younger folks diagnosed with low Test, or have symptoms of such.

I directed a few people from the G.A.L., Steroid, and Supplements forums to Over 35 in response to their TRT related posts (either by public reply or PM).

I also think it would generate traffic by the curious who might not think to ever visit "Over 35". There may be folks who suffer from symptoms of low T, or other endocrine system problems who might not know where to go for help.

Good luck.


Great Idea!!!


I agree, great idea


Yeah this is a complex and evolving treatment that needs it's own forum for discussion. The only decent info is here because 99% of doctors are clueless.


i always really liked the men's health forum over at meso...seperate from all other discussion, very informative


Great Idea.


put it up for a new t-cell, you old farts! (jk about the old fart comment)


Yes - It would be helpful to concentrate all the TRT info in one forum. I usually only clock on the >35 thread for TRT info.

This is a rapidly cahnging field. i think we can all benefit from sharing new data as it is discovered, or success stories or issues we have, HRT provider info, and best places to get our prescriptions filled less $$$

Also would be nice if any HRT docs that are on this forum ID themselves as such.


Moderators: I do not know how to proceed with this. What next?


It would be best if you posted a new thread in the Tech Support forum, so a member of the Tech Team can see your idea.



I totally agree.. I spend half of my online time just trying to find posts on trt.. I would love the chance to get right on and discus topics relevant to trt. I have been on 3 months and feeling much better but always seeking out new info..


Agreed, share your knowledge KSman!


Agree. Needs its own forum.


Maybe you need make that known here:


This is long overdue.


bumping an old thread, but as a first time poster, I joined specifically because of the TRT discussions and the great amount of information people are sharing here.


I nominate KSMan or HappyDogg for the 'sheriff', like X in the Alpha Cells.


I agree, a TRT forum would be helpful. But it won't necessarily help sell Biotest product and that might be a determining factor. Bandwidth cost money. I bought some fish oil just to get rid of my level 0 status and to show some gratitude to our hosts. It can't hurt.


If you are really interested please use KSman's link to make your thoughts known: