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We Need a Better Spokesperson!


ESPN just did a feature with Gregg Valentino and I heard they are now thinking of doing a show with John Romano as well.

Valentino is a HORRIBLE spokesperson to the media and public on steroid use. Romano, altho better, is far from a knowledgable steroid user either.

Why does the media get only morons to discuss the topic of AAS? I feel it's because these guys provide something juicy for the media.

I just with that they'd get a person knowledgable in the field to discuss the topic. Listening to that Milos Sarcev radio interview makes me wonder why not him? Why not Patrick Arnold? Why not some of the other BALCO people? Why not somebody that is proven to be a knowledgable person on the topic of AAS (and is exposed to the media already) and not just some bonehead who might have done a couple cycles and f*cked themselves up?

Idk I believe it to be a pointless fight to try and educate others about steroids. The only education is self education in these circumstances.

I just felt like posting that. lol



They did a pretty good job here...


I actually was bothered that he discussed gyno as a result from steroid use. It is something that FREAKS people out and really is not an issue if a cycle is planned properly. I like the bioethicist from Northwestern (I think), I feel he is very fair. I would love to see BR get interviewed, maybe he could send Stu Scott an email? lol


Even using an aromase inhibitor properly, with a properly run PCT.

Gyno is still a possible side effect.

As is high blood pressure, hair loss, prostate swelling.

Even if you do everything "underground textbook" correct, there are still risks, they just aren't more life threatening than a cheese burger

They interview all the moronic steroid users because those are the ones they want to see, they WANT to make steroids look bad in the media.

An educated user isnt a "media attraction" its just a big guy rambling about receptor activity, different drug types and ancillaries. Championing a healthy life style and obsessive physical training.

It would be BORING, theres no "freak show", its not good for a "shocker" story.

Even if they wanted to interview the educated users, there is no garentee those users are stupid enough to appear on television and tell everyone "I take steroids".


Because nobody wants to hear that AAS are NOT the evil drugs that the media talking heads have made them out to be.


A "properly" ran cycle does not mean use an AI, it means an intelligent choice of compounds and dose, as well as use of ancillary. So no, gyno does NOT have to be a side effect.


I can't find the video, but the E360 interview I saw with Valentino had an update at the end where he said he was no longer going to be pro-steriods. I'm not sure if this will be a good thing or not.


Valentino talking about steroids in any capacity can only be a bad thing for our community.


Nope still wrong.

Introducing erogenous androgens of any kind to the system has some potential for shutdown or disruption of the HPTA.

Sure low doses of say, primo, dont seem to cause any shutdown or problems for most users.

But there is always a possibility that you will have a fluctuation or malfunction, leading to estrogen rebound.

It is a POTENTIAL side effect when using steroids of any kind, because it is a potential side effect whenever you screw with you endocrine system, that was a correct statement on their part.

You don't have to have aromatization of the actual compound used to get gyno, your body is plenty capable of fucking you over on its own.

Now your point is that this is incredibly unlikely if you use properly. But thats true with most side effects for most drugs.

Problem is, people don't use correctly.


Little Freudian slip, Westclock? :wink:


whotookmyname: Cute...

Everyone: Like Westclock says many are ignorant of proper AAS usage. Also, as long as they are not regulated, there are tons of bogus product out there. That can range from a stated compound actually being another with completely different sides to gear being complete worthless bunk.


Lol, what can I say...

Its amazing I can actually make competent posts at all.




I do like how Valentino cuts out the bullshit... "A 16 year old kid, barely a hair on his dick, shouldn't be using..."

But that's where it ends. He needs to not talk. And ESPN needs to swallow half of itself and go back to reporting and covering sports.