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We Need 5 Lab Wabbits


UPDATE: It's here.

[center][b]We Need 5 Lab Wabbits [/b] [/center]
You have trained your body to store fat and feel sluggish.

To fix it, you need to change your core programming.

We need 5 dedicated people to help me field test a powerful 36-hour pulse designed to do just that. You'll join a select group of people already testing this protocol, including several insiders in the film and music industry.

The 5 chosen "lab wabbits" will help me finalize this new development. You'll receive a free supplement package from Biotest and specific instructions from me. You must be willing to halt all current supplement, diet, and training plans to participate in this test. (If you are currently on the V-Diet, however, you can still participate.)

US residents only, over 18 years of age. V-Diet veterans preferred.

Send an email to [REMOVED, testing is over] with the following information:

Forum Name
Real Name
Mailing Address
Phone Number
A short paragraph telling me why you'd be the best "wabbit."

You have 24 hours to apply.

[center] [/center]


done and done!


30 responses in first 5 minutes. Keep 'em coming though!


go ahead and pick from them so i have a better chance to get picked and prove to you what i can accomplish!!! :wink:


I'm in, now gimme some of that Orange Drank!



Just let me know if it works, then maybe I'll buy it.


maybe its the "V12-Diet" where its similar to the V-Diet with an added Anaconda Protocol for rapid fat loss + ridiculous muscle gain all in one!




Did this as well. What the hell, lol.


I'm sure the boys in the lab are cooking up something sweet! I sure signed up! Sounds pretty cool.


UPDATE: "Lab Wabbit" applications are through the roof. We're doubling the number of test subjects.


^^ Awesome. Very Excite /Borat

EDIT: Crap didn't see American Citizens only.

Hmm not good :frowning: I've never had an issue getting anything where I live from Biotest.


Def signed up. Any idea on when the lucky selected will be informed?


Just wait for a call or e-mail. :slight_smile: Or maybe a post here?


I'm thinking tomorrow (Thursday.)


Judging by the color of the liquid, maybe it's the new V-8 Diet -lol



Aw crap. Looking forward to the results though.


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I hope they pick me.

Anyone else feel like a kid on Christmas eve waiting to hear if you've been picked?


FWIW that stuff looks like TANG. I love me some TANG.




it's like a fat kid waiting in line to see if he gets to the front before they run out of doughnuts...er...something like that...or reversed?