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We Make Holes in Teeth


Since German maxed out my old log, gotta start a new one.


To answer your question on why the weight loss, it was because I felt like a walking heart attack. Actually I feel the best as far as a combination of strong and healthy around 255-265. A couple of weeks ago I crept back up around 270, now moving back down to 260. That way I have some leeway to grow a little into the next meet at end of October.

And yeah, I gotta come up with a better log name. Too busy reviewing cabling quotes for the creative juices to be flowing, so suggestions are welcome...


Sorry Pete...lol
I hear ya on the weight. I had the same reckoning about 4 years ago and went back to 198. Actually went 181 for a few meets but was way too light.


cardiac/conditioning (i.e. not feeling like a walking heart attack)

sled drags
90lb x 70yrds x 1
135lb x 70yrds x 1
205lb x 70yrds x 2

intervals on stepper 10 minutes, hrt rt up to 153

elliptical 15 minutes, kept hrt rt at 140ish

decline sits bwt x 15, 75 x 10, x 10

cable abs 3 x some


back to work to sweat at desk for rest of afternoon


I like the cool way you spelled skool...looking foward to following.


well, you just made me change the name....

trying to think of something witty. I keep coming back to Murphy's Law's 'Crucial BBQ' for some unknown reason.


At your size it can't be too much of a stretch to drop 10-15lbs; like a good bathroom break?

How are you liking the sled drags and cardio? I was asking a friend/fellow lifter about conditioning work last weekend. Do you think it has any impact on your strength? Is there a tipping point for you when there is a negative effect?


A good bathroom break, and maybe making it through a weekend without beer. Not sure how likely that is though.

The low level cardio, i.e. the steady state, I think you can always get away with. Really all that should be doing is replacing normal activity if we weren't most of us so desk-bound.

Prowler/sled stuff you need to time and program correctly. Either after lower work, and/or the next day. I also think it should be dialed back a little the last few weeks before a meet. I think it helps considerably though, I have training partners who struggle to get through their main lift, much less assistance work, and always drag through a meet.


Have you tried it as a third leg day? Lets say you do lower on IDK mon/thur then sled sat so you would have a day in between workouts but be like training lower 3x per week? I played with that a bit and liked it.


Yes, for awhile I did that exact schedule, and eventually it beat me up, but I think that was because I had Monday as my ME day. I think it would work say Saturday sled, Monday DE, Thursday ME, so that sled was almost active recovery type stuff.


How bout Cavity Creep or Care Bear lol




I am hoping to get back to that type of template for the next month. Have to be careful that the sled day is more recovery...good point.


We make holes in teeth...wtf...ha ha ha
I think you should have a new log name daily.


Liquor in the front, poker in the rear.


lol Git...I just heard that recently.

Ummm huh, on log title Be interesting to see what others come up with.


I think this guy is more your size

Nice last few sessions....



Lovelier still.


Log name - soft spoken old fart


Matty and I share a common musical history...


The title of a great Reverend Horton Heat record...