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We Lost One of Our Own

One of our T-Nation Members, T-MIA, has passed away from complications resulting from a brain injury sustained while doing his third tour of Iraq. He was a frequent poster and an incredibly dedicated family man with a heart the size of Texas.

His widow has lost the man she “loved more than anything”, and is having a terrible time making ends meet now that he is gone. If anyone here is interested in helping the family of one of our lost but not forgotten brothers, please PM me.

Thank you in advance,


I am so sorry to hear about his passing. My condolences to the family and his wife.

Damn, that’s terrible news. T-MIA was a good guy.

[quote]Jelly Roll wrote:
Damn, that’s terrible news. T-MIA was a good guy. [/quote]

Second that. Very sorry to hear and wish I was in a position to help, but I’m not. He was a solid guy, and a hero. Sorry he had to make the ultimate sacrifice, should be a lesson to all of our citizens on these forums what so many sacrifice in the name of our country and freedom.

Best to his family, and good of you KNB to honor him and let us know what happened. RIP T-MIA…


I think I speak for everyone here when I say we all extend our thoughts and prayers to his family.

just awful.

Seems like the good ones are in short demand up there, because they’re being taken at an alarming rate.



gave his life for his country. no higher honor RIP soldier. peace be with your family.

Reading his posts knowing hes dead felt wierd…

R.I.P Thank you for your services

KNB thanks for telling us. T-MIA was a solid guy. I’ve got friends over there right now and news like this makes me think a lot more about what life would be like without them.


R.I.P. T-MIA. Thank You for the ultimate sacrifice.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family and close friends…


[quote]Makavali wrote:
I think I speak for everyone here when I say we all extend our thoughts and prayers to his family.[/quote]


Well, that fucking sucks…

RIP bro… and thank you for serving North America

Damn. I aint been about for a while and come back to news like this. Rest in peace my friend.

Another vet lost to an endless waltz of destruction in Iraq. I hope they get those poor souls out of that shithole out soon. In infamy, that’s how this current imbecile will go down in history. In infamy I say!

The blood of many a brave soldier and innocent civilian will forever stain his hands. Even if he does pray every night, his conscience will never be clear, the blood will never wash away. Say what he will, but he failed. He failed us. May he rest and peace and my condolences to his loved ones.