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We Lost Cobain and Staley Today


April 5


In before Cobain was overrated.


Cobain was overrated.


Two of the best rock voices of the 90s.

That part at the last minute or so is so beautiful.




Not a one.


"Would" is one of my all time favorite songs. It never gets old.

While I think Nirvana was overrated, you can't deny the impact that they made on the music scene at the time.


I second that. Overall AIC was a far more talented band IMO. Still listen to them on a daily basis even today.


Me too. I like their new cd a lot and i'm glad the couple of singles got pretty heavy airplay around here.

Same goes for Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Mother Love Bone.

Hell, you were just a baby in the early 90's, weren't you?


^The new CD is pretty damn good. Check my brain is as good as anything they did with Staley.
Was also a big Nirvana fan but they've really been played out. However when Smells like teen spirit comes on I'm automatically taken back to 11th grade.


William DuVall is as good a fit as it can get, in my opinion. His voice compliments Cantrell's as good, if not better, than Staley's did.

As of right now, Last Of My Kind is my favorite song from that cd.

Did you think Black Gives Way to Blue was going to be as good as it is/was?


Agreed DuVall and Cantrell make an excellent duo, sometimes it's eerie how much they sound like Staley and Cantrell.
Last of My Kind is another good one, not sure there is a bad song on the album honestly.
I had no expectations for this album, didn't want to get excited then let down, in the end they brought it and it worked very well.


Yep, just a baby, born in 89. I agree, i think of all the big grunge bands from the early 90's, Nirvana was probably the LEAST talented. I have to put soundgarden up there as my number one, that was just a group of extremely talented individuals who really knew how to play good music together. Pearl Jam as well. Was never a big Mother Love Bone fan but i can still appreciate the music.


RIP both, with a little more RIP to Staley. Couldn't walk around a corner in '91 without hearing Nirvana, but I play AIC to this day.


Word, hungry.

I think Nirvana weren't great on a purely musical level--as audiogarden said Soundgarden were probably the best big grunge band in that regard-- but Kurt's lyrics are underrated if anything today. And I agree, they did sort of change the aesthetic of rock when they hit big.


Didn't even know AIC dropped a new album. I will order it today.


lyrics are overrated


R.I.P. Charles Staley. EDT will live on forever.


I hated Nirvana and still do. Cobain was a whiny bitch.

I was indifferent to AiC but appreciate them more now that I've picked up guitar.


Hah! You liked hair metal, didn't you?

Talk about whiny bitches!