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We Iz Takin Over!


True gangsters.


A bit old, but I just found it. It was pretty funny and brings up the question-Why are a lot of people trying to act like "gangstas"? I guess that's what is popular today..

Another question-Am I the only person that feels people are slightly less intelligent nowadays (e.g. '09 class)? I suppose I just hit a tipping point today when it comes to dealing with stupidity. For example, what's so hard about choosing another aisle to go down in the grocery store? I was stared at for several minutes as some idiot was waiting for me to pass so he could go down my aisle. There were maybe 10 people in the store with 14 aisles (several paths to get to his location).

And why is it so hard to get a direct answer to a question nowadays? An example of this happens commonly at my work. "Hey, can I get some help real quick? "Well..uh..first I gotta yadda yadda yadda". Just tell me yes or no. What the fuck is so hard about that?


Have any of you had any funny experiences with the wannabe gangstas/astounding stupidity/superfluous answers? If so, share.


Yes, I live in the magical city of Philadelphia. Nuff said.


i love the contrast between the urban image through dress, jewelry and hooked up cars

and then the contrast of the pine forest in the background. excellent


as for my experience with wiggers

well lets just say i can consider myself to be pretty white compared to others where i live hope that gives you an understanding.


You know, I'm not really sure how to respond. I do feel that people today are much more socially retarded, less intelligent, and have less common sense than they used to, but then part of me wonders if I'm just becoming a typical old person as I age, and fail to see the goodness around me. You know, 'these kids today!, 'there's no good music any more!', 'these kids are lazy', etc.


no, we're all just kinda retarded


Ya, I live right outside Southeast DC. Every kid out here who is mid twenties and under thinks they're a g. PG County, at least a few years ago, is the richest black county in the country. Every kid here drives around their parents' Lexus or Benz with their doo-rag or fitted cap on and plays music loud as shit.

Did I mention that 9 times out of 10 they don't have a job and if they do it's pathetic (i.e. minimum wage at McDonalds or Six Flags)? They all wear fake-ass Hollister-type clothes with shoulder length brades or dreads, cuz Wayne did it. Speaking of that, the radio stations are all on Lil Wayne's jock right now, until the next big name comes along, they all seem to do nothing but dick-ride.

I like hip hop, but can't listen to the local stations because they play the same damn 10 songs all day long and 6 of them have Lil Wayne in them. Makes me sick. All about show, I live with a bunch of posers, it's crazy. So, ya, I know exactly how you feel. The worst part about it, since I'm white (I'm assuming), I always get dirty looks when I drive or walk by them.

On a side note, it's crazy how the attitude changes when I go to my gym. Even the younger people are respectful and everyone knows that we're all there to improve ourselves. That's why I like gym folk, cuz it's not all about show, despite what outsiders would think. The process of improving your strenth, physique, etc. really teaches you a lot of good stuff.


Im 16, and, I also feel the same way, a lot of people I find lack basic common sense, depriving yourself from thought makes you do stupid things, stupid actions, so on and so forth.

However, I think that we only think this way because we ourselves have developed ourselves (even though these things are extremely rudimentary) and, that because others lack it becomes so apparent, we are only forced to think that way.

However, all the statements ie: There's no good music any more that you have said, I would clearly fall under that category, so I guess, you must simply pick n' choose who has common interest AND common sense

my two cents :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, coherent post for a 'modern kid' :wink: Maybe I just didn't start caring until recently, and missed all of the stupidity that I encountered earlier in life. The generational gap always seems to tick off the older generations, and I wonder if that's just part of what I'm experiencing.


Well there are one too many reasons or possibilities as to which why we feel like this.

It could be an issue of misunderstanding, and, that we simply cannot adapt to the changes in society, and, those who become a product of the change, we see as "lower" in a way.

Another issue may be of bad experiences, and, that we only see it that way because we simply have just seen the wrong people, doing the wrong things.

There are one too many reasons as to why we think this way, but, in the end it's a result a change, and, for that change, we must adapt to it, else, we will become like a typical 80 year old. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you felt like this suddenly, because, you no longer started to change with society, but, rather changed against it.


Kind of off topic, but,

Patricio, Im pretty sure your BF is less then 15% if you weigh 215 at that size, maybe 10% or so.


" They all wear fake-ass Hollister-type clothes "

I still chuckle when I see Hollister T-shirts on kids because to me, Hollister is a company that makes ostomy bags and supplies. :smiley:


I don't know, there is a place that does underwater weighing here in Atlanta, so I'm going to know for sure here as soon as I recover financially from closing on a house and paying for grad tuition and books. I'm pretty sure I'm over 10%, though....


Hah, man, I don't even know what Hollister is...

Hangs head in shame and resigns himself to the fact that he's an old fart


"Hah, man, I don't even know what Hollister is... "

I don't either really. Not THAT Hollister anyway.


lol what's wrong with hollister clothes? they're shirts are mad cheap and the proportions of thier polo's are much better than abercrombie or polo for guys that lift weights and want to wear something other than friggin underarmor polo shirts


Because even when going into the men's side of the store, due to the size of most of the clothes there's still a seed of doubt that I'm on the girl's side, or the kids' section. I know they have bigger sizes but everything in the front looks like it belongs in Baby Gap.

PacSun is even worse which pisses me off because I used to like that place.


ha, its funny. my cousins moved from SE DC to suitland, and I was driving around looking for their new house on thanksgiving, driving past big house after big house and then we pulled up to the one that had "Choppa City" spray painted on the trash can - wasn't too hard to find em...


Haha, now this is where we start to argue :slight_smile:

Yes, that's the thing, we aren't trying to show jax here, so, how are we being fake-ass by wearing hollister. If anything, a skinny guy wearing Underarmor is being a fake-ass, not some guy wearing hollister.


Why such a huge homo has a Firebird, just makes me shake my head.

I should run him over