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We Haven't Heard the Last of MJ!


Less than four months before Jackson's death, one of his biographers, Ian Halperin, revealed that Jackson had a secret library of over 100 unreleased songs!! which he planned to release after his death to support his children.


Who didn't see that coming. He's gonna sell more records dead than he did alive, alah 2Pac.


2Pac isn't dead.


Tons of rumors floating around as expected, but this one I really would love to be true! What a gift for his kids and for everyone else too!


Elvis isn't either.




MJ isn't either.


Biggie isn't either.


Neither am I.



MJ OWNS THE BEATLES SONG NOTEBOOK FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. His kids do NOT need any help. Didn't he buy the rights to their songs for 1/2 billion dollars?


Christ isn't either.


Einstein isn't either.

K that wasn't cool...anyway....


Here's one, this one is ferocious


Incorrect. While alive, he was forced to sell them(back to McCartney I think) because he was in massive debt. Apparently he was as bad with money as he was good with record sales.


F*ck Michael.

F*cking paedophile.


Am I the only one who gets pissed when "MJ" is used in reference to Micheal Jackson?

"MJ" is reserved permanently for Micheal Jordan.