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We Have One Year Left to Live




may not be all bad.


some zombies are hot.


I will be making loans to the apocalyptic types. Cash now, nothing due until 12/22/12, 500% interest. Any takers?


Edgy, those bitches are not zombies, they just caught your syphilis.


And I thought that Print had some weird fetishes....


Zombieland rule #1. Cardio, #2. Double Tap ; ) can never be to prepared ! So who will get the kill of the weak/week ? ? ?


motherfuckers weren't smart enough to know corn has no nutritional value and I'm supposed to believe they know when the world will end? riiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhht



They couldn't even plan to thwart their own demise. Fucking retards.


It also has a decent amount of magnesium and b vitamins.



BG can speak for himself but I think he's saying that corn is rock bottom tier when it comes to nutritional value.


Well, plenty of people manage to do just fine with it in their diets, right?


Do you work for the Corn Advisory Board or something?


Mayans made chocolate.

How can they be wrong?


Nope. I just understand that not everyone in our distant past had the luxury of Metabolic Drive and fish oil capsules. They managed to survive long enough and figure out enough cool shit about the universe for me to give them a pass on that.

Though I agree and would say that the only people who believe in this nonsense are the types who either get their information from the History channel or are mad that they wasted so much money on bomb shelters and MREs during Y2K.


My stock in Midol is also plummeting so I'm also trying to steer this into a good foods vs. bad foods debate to reap the benefits of the emotional menstruation such a subject would elicit.

Frozen pizzas ftmfw! Huzzah!


I find it rather hilarious that people think that on 12/21/2012 the center of the galaxy, the sun, and our earth will come into perfect alignment as predicted by the Mayans.

Well it turns out, its true! It happens every year on December 21st...


^^^ In terms of actual astronomy, the basis of the Mayan calendar, and what is happening in the sky, on that date is absolutely fascinating. If anyone can find a good website that details the level of sophistication of Mayan astronomy and mathematical prediction of celestial cycles, WITHOUT going into the seemingly unending 12/21/2012 new age mythos, it is a great story -- and will be an interesting pre-dawn morning for sky-watching if you live in the right part of the planet. There are a couple things that will happen that morning that won't happen again in any of our lifetimes, having to do with the relative appearance of the sun seeming to rise in the 'middle' of a large dark area in the milky way. This happens every few thousand years.

It might not be as dramatic as the something like the Hale-Bopp comet or anything, but if you like sky-watching, it will be cool and it is a 'unique' experience relative to the human lifespan.

And it should be noted that there are no extant Mayan texts that in any way indicate that the world will end at the end of the long count calendar cycle.