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This forum is going to be one of the lowest trafficed forums.


Well that goes hand in hand with the popularity of Olympic lifting in the U.S. in general, doesn't it? That is the way I like it, a close-knit sub-forum just like a close-knit group of people into Olympic weightlifting. Ahhh...


I'm not sure if having our own forum is a good idea. There just won't be enough traffic. It is a negative feedback system, because the less traffic there is the less ppl check for updates, the less traffic there is...

Anyways, this will be interesting, none the less.


I think it is beneficial for anyone interested. I would still like for them to keep it because if you take it out, it just seems like something is missing from the forum list since Olympic weightlifting is such a huge component of weightlifting in general. I'll try to keep this forum interesting with whatever I come across.


Maybe we should post articles and links to decent weightlifting websites. It might drive more traffic from "outsiders" who are searching for weightlifting info.


I can power clean 80 kilos. I want to achieve 140.


I don't think you'll get as low traffic as y'all might think. I'm not a big o-lifter but incorporate some o-lifts into my routine quite often. Now I don't have to sift through a bunch of threads to find what I'm looking for and I know exactly where to go when I have a question for one of you with more knowledge than I. There's less clutter in strength sports/bodybuilding forums and less confusion as to where to post a question regarding an o-lift.

I think there'll be less trolling and more genuine questions and better discussions, also.


I observe Olympic lifting the same way I observe Big Wave Surfing - with immense awe and respect.


No worries, I'll contact Type2B!!! Maybe even Chiktuna if I am feeling generous.


definatley prefer when Oly, Strongman, and Powerlifitng all in one forum.
now I got to browse thru 3 separate forums.

whose bright idea was this?


I don't like it either. The old way was better and easier to navigate.


I did that for like a month in the old strength sports forum. Didn't really pan out. Not enough traffic. Also, Olympic lifting is not documented very well on the net.


well... lets see how this works out...

btw... we need the OlyLifting Training Log in this forum.




I'm really happy they made a sub-forum, I think it will generate more on-topic discussions. By the way, I just started exclusively Oly-Lifting in July, loving it so far!


Funky. It'll be interesting to see how much traffic we have here.



Koing, don't you also post on Fortified Iron? Your avatar looks familiar.