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Well, it has finally happened…after a year of bugging the owners, WE GOT THE FULL BIOTEST LINE IN THE GNC WHERE I WORK!!! I can’t belive it…I’m on cloud nine!!! Only a few of each product, but if we sell it (AND WE WILL), we’re going to get larger quantities and look into doing a big promotion for our discount week! Sorry…I’m sure noone is all that jazzed about it but it’s a pretty big thing for me and I just had to share it!!!

I was pumped when it happened at the GNC here about 5 months ago. I went in today, though, and saw one bottle of T2 Pro and one bottle of Tribex…and that’s it. How disappointing.

YOur lucky GNC in my area does not even know what Biotest is. Internet is way cheaper any ways, but it is nice to support the local economy when you are in a rush!

congratulations and good work. hope to see it in more stores. it would be nice to be able to just go down to GNC and pick up some supps once in a while rather than ordering off the net. just curious, how much is the markup on them?

Lucky bastard. Here in Scottsdale, Arizona, we got nothing. My store is tiny and doesn’t do enough sales so it would be impossible to get it. If we carried it, I would sell them like hot cakes.