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A great lifting day. I’ll have to come back when I have a little more time and post my lifts, I was very pleased.

Great to hear your pleased with your lifts…

How’s your daughters recovery. Feet can be tricky to heal.

[quote]Null wrote:
Great to hear your pleased with your lifts…

How’s your daughters recovery. Feet can be tricky to heal.[/quote]

Sub talar fractures in adults usually lead to necrosis. Luckily, in children, even a very serious fracture if not displaced has the possibility of good blood flow, which will keep her from losing her foot. So far, so good.

I’ve run into this at work, though only with adults. I’ve been very worried, to be honest. But she is now pain free and her circulation remains good.

Very glad to hear she’s healing well…

[quote]Null wrote:
Very glad to hear she’s healing well…[/quote]


I should keep my logs updated more regularly. Car in shop, log book in shop. Had to pull my last post and estimate for the weights, but here is what I did

Prior: Leg Press: 405lb/9 (last week I think was 420, my PR)
425lb/9 reps PR

Adductor, 165 (machine max) lb/18 reps.
18 reps this time.

Abductor, 165 (machine max) lb/13 reps.
14 reps this time.

Triceps cable pull-down, 145 lb/8 reps. I’m just getting the hang of this exercise.
167.5 today

Prior Pull down machine 200lb/8 reps
210/9 reps today – smooth.

Rope Curl on cable machine, 180lb/8 reps
190lb/8 reps PR

One handed wood chop on cable weight machine, 70lb/9 reps
90lb/9 reps (both sides) PR

Overhead dumbbell press, 2x35lb dumbbells/9 reps
Decided to drop. Once I’ve done the triceps pull down and the wood chops, that have an extension on the end, I’ve done two hard pushes. I’ve been kind of not making progress on this one.

Dumbbell Row, 75lb/9 reps each side
85lb/9 reps each side.

Back machine, still 245lb (machine max), 12 reps – do this to work my hamstrings as much as anything (have the foot rest set so my legs aren’t locked out).
Same. Getting really easy. I may need to find a better or harder back exercise to do.

I’m about to start using the 2.5 lb lengths of cable to handle increments where I can’t handle 5lb improvements on the machines that only support 5lb improvements at a shot.

Feel good. Looking forward to getting my car back, at least it is under warranty, so I’m in a loaner.

Looking forward to next week.

Well, need to post my three weeks (which will reflect where I was off in guessing for last week) now that I have my log. But I made 430 lbs on the leg press. Man. Never thought I’d do that.

Couldn’t walk for a while afterwards, but it was great.

4/9 … 4/16 … 4/23

Prior: Leg Press:
420/9 425/9 430/9 PR!

Adductor, 165 (machine max)
165/18 165/18 165/14 … the press really worked over everything

Abductor, 165 (machine max)
165/14 165/14 165/12

Triceps cable pull-down
157.5/9 167.5/ 170/7 … now I know why it was so darn hard. I only meant to increase the weight by 2.5 lb.

Prior Pull down machine
210/8 210/9 215/8

Rope Curl on cable machine
189/8.5 190/8 192.5/9

One handed wood chop on cable weight machine
80/9 90/9 90/9 … explains why I was shot on my next attempt at a push excercize.

Dumbbell Row
85/9 left
85/9 right same same

Back machine, 245lb (machine max)
245/12 same same

Anyway, I was pleased. Also mowed the lawn yesterday, took the youngest to the new Legoland (and spent most of the time walking the mall with my wife while youngest played with next door neighbor’s kid at Legoland) and survived shoe shopping with the women in the family.

A good day. This has been a good morning.

Peace to all.

Congrats on the PR!

Shoe shopping with the ladies - shudder. You’re one in a million.

Sickness this Saturday and a 3.5 hour Bat Mitzvah of one of my daughter Rachel’s friends. I have to hand it to the Jews I know. I could never take a 3.5 hour service as the main course before Sunday School, etc. The friend did very, very well. Might have to do with being born in Israel and learning Hebrew before English, but when the Rabbi suggested she might want to become a Rabbi, it did not seem that far off from a reasonable career for her. She was very good.

Will try to get into the gym Monday to make up for the missed lifts so I don’t loose too much ground.

As for the shoe shopping, my Dad used to make us go all the time. They never bought, just shopped. As long as we buy some shoes, I can cope. Even better if I don’t have to buy any shoes for myself. :wink:

On the side theme:


We have 11 confirmed guests attending in 2011: (Erol Otus, Rob Kuntz, Jason Braun, Tim Kask, Dennis Sustare, Steve Winter, Frank Mentzer, Paul Jaquays, Steve Marsh, Jim Ward, Jeff Dee.

And Sandy Petersen ought to be there as well. I’m going to prod him again myself.

Is that the same Jeff Dee that illustrated Villians & Vigilantes?

[quote]cavalier wrote:
Is that the same Jeff Dee that illustrated Villians & Vigilantes?[/quote]

Of course :wink:

BTW, did some Skidmark flaming wheel o’dooms yesterday morning, decided I wasn’t getting much ab work, just some rotational with the wood chop. This morning I was going to repeat. Still too sore. I’m definitely going to add some sort of direct ab work to my rotation.


Leg Press 430/9 repeat PR
Adductor 165/16
Abductor 165/13
Triceps Cable pull down 165/8
Pulldown machine 215/8
Rope handle cable curl 192.5/9
One hand wood chop 90/9
Dumbbell Row 85/9
Back Machine 245/12 (just maintenance, too bad the machine won’t go higher).

I’m going to add in some sort of direct ab work, need to scope out the gym. I’d like to go back to slanted sit up/crunch with weight like Capacity coached me through doing right. I’ll have to see what is available.

And push-ups/wheels of doom on Tuesday mornings. Eventually more than just once a week.

Dang, my abs have gotten weak. I used to be able to run off 20 at a time from standing to full extension, now I’m doing fewer, kneeling, and feeling it the next day.

My kid got excited though, and did some tonight.

She loves calling them “Skidmark flaming wheels o’ doom” instead of “ab roller” …

Wheels 'o doom . . . I like it. You’re pulling some strong numbers there.

If you’re going to game superheroes, then you must link to this page:


For 5/14

Leg Press 435/9 New PR
Adductor 165/16
Abductor 165/13
Triceps Cable pull down 165/8
Pulldown machine 220/8
Rope handle cable curl 195/9
One hand wood chop 92.5/9
Abdominal Machine 130/8 (dang, weak)
Dumbbell Row 85/9
Back Machine 245/12 (just maintenance, too bad the machine won’t go higher).

Then last night (5/17) I did some more wheel o’ dooms, not a sore today as I was last week. Will do more tomorrow morning.

I’ve got a long way to go to recover that abdominal strength.

When I was young I could do 20 from standing to full extension and back up. Now I’m doing 5 from kneeling. Probably up to 6 tomorrow.

Still doing a lot of volume. Good going.

wheels of doom indeed.

nice training E.

Thanks, I’m making progress again. Need to deload this week. Last lifts were a real futz. But the wheel of doom is making good progress.

hel320 – you are always an inspiration with your lifts and persistence.

So, 5/21 was a mess, so I did 5/29 as a deload

Here is 5/29 compared to 5/14 (quietly ignoring 5/21)

Leg Press 435/9 … … … 440 lb x 9 reps
Adductor 165/16 … … … 165 lb x 17 reps
Abductor 165/13 … … … 165 lb x 16 reps
Triceps Cable pull down 165/8 … 162.5lb x 9 reps (the first exercise I could do at home if I just had a cable weight stack).
Pulldown machine 220/8 … … 215lb x 9
Rope handle cable curl 195/9… 192.5 x 9
One hand wood chop 92.5/9 … 90 x 9
Abdominal Machine 130/8 … … 140 x 9 (still making easy rapid improvements)
Dumbbell Row 85/9 … … … 80lb x 9 each side
Back Machine 245/12 … … 245 x 12 reps.

Went very well. I’m looking forward to next week (and to the rec center closer to the house getting finished).

I’m no longer sore for days after just a handful of wheels o’doom. Maybe I’ll move up to doing them twice a week next as well.

I like using the rope handle for the cable weight machine. Some day I need to get one for the house.

Cavalier – NTRPG Con went well, your rules were welcomed as a contribution, Jeff Dee and others were there. Only regret was that the copy wasn’t autographed.

I had an abbreviated lift last week, and today I rearranged my lifting.

Leg Press 445 lb x 9 reps
Adductor dropped
Abductor dropped
Triceps Cable pull down 165 x 8
Pulldown machine 215lb x 9
Rope handle cable curl 195 x 9
One hand wood chop 92.5 x 9 each side
Abdominal Machine 145 x 9 (still making easy rapid improvements)
Dumbbell Row dropped
Back Machine 245 x 12 reps.

So, one leg, one back, one abdominal, two pulling (the pulldown machine and the curl), two pushing (the triceps pull down and the wood chop).

I need to get a more formal/complete mid-week workout, more than just ab roller reps.

I’m up to 8 wheels of doom, running at least three times a week with my wife.

Refurbed/rebuilt rec center nearer the house should be open in another 45 days. Looking forward to that.

Will probably rethink my work-out then.