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We Don't Put Up With Lifting Weights In Pink Stripe Oxford Dress Shirts


Figured it was time to start a new thread.

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My training this year has been spotty. Realized I need to just lift to lift, not for any other reasons.

Got out to the rec center after a meeting. I had a black polo on under my button down dress shirt, but I was in a hurry, so I ended up not taking time to take the dress shirt off.

Leg Press: 405lb/9 reps. Under my PR, but on the way back.
Adductor, 165 (machine max) lb/18 reps.
Abductor, 165 (machine max) lb/13 reps.
Triceps cable pull-down, 145 lb/8 reps. I'm just getting the hang of this exercise.
Pull down machine (like doing pull-ups, but the weight comes to you) 200lb/8 reps
Robe Curl, 180lb/8 reps
One handed wood chop on cable weight machine, 70lb/9 reps
Overhead dumbbell press, 2x35lb dumbbells/9 reps
Dumbbell Row, 75lb/9 reps each side
Back machine, still 245lb (machine max), 12 reps -- do this to work my hamstrings as much as anything (have the foot rest set so my legs aren't locked out).

Good workout, but a guy stopped me to tell me "You may be hard core, but we don't put up with lifting weights in pink stripe oxford dress shirts around here" after I was finished working out.

He figured I was in a hurry, was impressed with the leg work I was doing, the teasing was gentle.

Then yard work, remulched the chickens, dug out and replaced the sand for the sand baths, miscellaneous stuff around the house, the darn spa still isn't running right since the pool was resurfaced.

But I'm hoping to get back into keeping at it again.

But no more oxford dress shirts while I'm lifting. It just was kind of cold today.


And yes, I'm still sore today. Should not have missed almost a month. At least the walk with my wife yesterday was pure heaven.


The guys around here seem to have a thing for pink stuff, so they might enjoy videos of you working out in a pink-striped oxford, heh, even if the guys at your gym don't.


Ogre, you are probably right. http://www.plano.gov/Departments/parksandrecreation/recenters/Pages/muehlenbeck_center.aspx is where I work out (only $110 a year), most of the people don't even notice, it was just a serious lifter who noticed the amount of weight when I started :wink:


Ahh, my uncle lives in Plano with his family, cool beans.


I remember when the dress shirt with no sleeves, flannel, not oxford, was all the rage in the weight room. Think the "Barbarian Brothers" started the trend.
"Realized I need to just lift to lift, not for any other reasons", best reason I can think of for doing it.


Hey, I used to live in Richardson. Moved out a couple of yrs ago to get work. Never knew about a $110 per yr place.

Have you ever visited The Gym? No, really, that's its name. Friendly hardcore gym, with 2 power racks & deadlift platform. It's at the corner of Midway and Trinity Mills, if I recall. In Addison.




When you were around, all the Plano city rec centers were $60 a year for swimming and weights. The price to 110 for the city recreation centers is new.


I remember them. Gee, I'm old :wink:


Hel, my daughter fell off a cliff yesterday when the path she was on broke up. Slid ten feet, fell twenty onto hard rock and gravel. She will be ok once they operate on her foot, the transverse function fractures at L1 and L2 will heal on their own, no disk issues, the lung bruising is already starting to heal, but when they got to the house from the hospital (they were in Oklahoma while I had to be at work to handle some things) at almost three o'clock in the morning, being able to carry her in from the car to where we have a bed made up downstairs for her was worth an awful lot.

Lifting just to lift was suddenly very worth it. I know, it was only 110 lbs or so, and for a carry, only about 75 feet, which wasn't much, but in many ways it was a personal best I hope never to need to repeat. Something that I could not have done when I started lifting again.

It is suddenly so very worth it.


damn, hope she is recovering well, and it does show a different perspective of what we are all trying to be able to do.


Good luck to your daughter, and thanks for reminding us that's there's a payoff for all the hard work.


Fracture at L1 and L2, and heel fractures, contusions, including her lungs, but no organ damage, nothing that requires surgery, no disc problems and the foot was handled with an ortho specialist who just, of all things, put an adjustable cast on it. She is wheeling around the house and eating ice cream right now.

I feel worlds better after some more sleep today. Did half a day at work (had some things that could not be put off -- a federal judge wanted something done today), but as soon as it was possible my regional manager dropped by my office and told me he would take care of things so I could go home.


Thank youl


So sorry your Daughter got hurt. Sounds like a lot of damage, glad to hear it she will heal up.

It's great she has you and yours to help her convalesce.


Very poignant story. When our "habits" translate into true functional productivity, it really makes it all worthwhile.

Hope your daughter is doing well.


Even better she has my wife to help. Right now she is sleeping in our room every night, though she is doing well enough, we are planning to migrate her to her own room tonight.

She sure is plucky, though I caught her trying to practice walking on her broken foot and put a stop to it. Just because she can take the pain (as long as she has pain killers) does not mean she should be walking on a non-displaced multiple fracture. ... what a kid.


Rachel is healing, which is good, and at present she is making good progress and expected to make good progress.

Thanks all.


Made my lifts again. I was holding out to post this week because I was expecting to hit some PRs and tie some others.

Lifts went well, but not quite that well (though on the cable curl I hit 187.5 lb which is a PR). Legs failed at my old PR of 420 so I had to cut back to 415 and rest (which meant I did some out of order) in order to be able to hit the 415.

I've been enjoying the cables and the dumb bells, especially as I know they are real weight.

I'm thinking that a hand full of nuts for breakfast at 6:40 and lifting around 9:00 left me without enough energy. Just thinking.

Rachel has a new cast, red, white and blue, healing well.