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We Did A Podcast With T3h Pwnisher

Finally had an opportunity to listen in. Great episode fellas, really enjoyed it. Very conversational and as a listener it felt like I was just sitting in on the call with you guys.

For anyone that hasn’t listened yet, and I don’t remember if it’s been noted here, but the volume disparity is much less pronounced listening on Spotify than Youtube.


Just stumbled across this. A little ironic to see @T3hPwnisher in a podcast and despite my opinion about podcasts, I’m definitely giving this one a listen!


The irony dawned on me as well, haha. I recently switched from music to podcasts while walking my dog or doing outdoor chores, which has slotted a place for them. Quality ones are still tough to find. Lots of noise vs signal


Finally got around to this one, good show.

As I have gotten older I have also gotten away from “programs” and set in stone volume/rep/set prescriptions and just try and train “hard” on whatever I’m doing that day.

Admittedly I don’t do quite as much as I used too, and not being able to bend over for 6 days after a squat session isn’t really an option any more with two toddlers (sorry sweetie, can’t swing you around today cause I need to add an inch onto my thighs) but I train hard until I feel like I’ve done “enough”

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