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We Did A Podcast With T3h Pwnisher

A podcast with @T3hPwnisher and yours truly

I’m sure he won’t mind me putting it out however the people need to know


I always thought your name was Steve… Not sure why.

Also - the 5 reps? Who used this reps range? lol.

Huh, maybe for my mancrush on Steve Burton, haha.

Dude, I drank SO much of the Pavel Koolaid in the beginning. EVERYTHING was 5 reps. It’s amazing I didn’t blow out all my connective tissues, haha.

@ChongLordUno Ya’ll were awesome hosts and I had a blast doing this. Thanks so much for giving me the platform. If ya’ll ever put out some merch, let me know: love to sport a “Move Sweat Suffer” shirt or beanie during some sort of grueling workout.

EDIT: Also @Chris_Colucci I figured you’d appreciate me repping the brand. Thought it would be good compensation for the lack of shout out from before.


@ChongLordUno kind of does look alike a Steve. But, @T3hPwnisher looks like a Brad or Chad.

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Pure gold! Thanks, guys.

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@ChongLordUno loved it dude, great set up and awesome questions/discussions. I think you guys did a great job!

I just posted in the Flame free thread that I “needed a bit of a breather” but after listening through that, I don’t think I do. Pretty sure I need more conditioning and an avocado farm in my backyard. @T3hPwnisher, it’s inspiring actually hearing you talk about training, I love the blog posts and your log but it’s different with the stream of consciousness aspect.

Loved it!


I was surprised by this aspect, but pleasantly so. It was awesome!


Thanks man! It’s fun for me to discuss. I have to consciously slow down my speech, because my brain works so much faster than my mouth and I just want to get it all out, haha. Conditioning, piedmontese beef and avocados: enough of that and you’ll conquer everything.

…maybe some Nuts n More as well. …and some egg whites, haha.

Edit: Thanks @SvenG You’re absolutely a dude that is demonstrating hard work, and in turn I’m a fan of you. So many dudes here in general just do an awesome job getting after it.


Really, really great to see this come together with you guys. Just awesome. And yep, definitely appreciate the forum shout-out.

I typically listen to YT podcasts at x1.5 speed or more, so I might’ve been listening at Brain-speed. Good stuff.


Thanks again. If we ever do sell merch then you’ll be the first to get it.

That was an awesome podcast and I’m extremely pleased with the positive feedback and comments.

It was a joy to talk to Pwn and I’m super happy that a lot of folk have picked up on how well we all got on and let the conversation flow

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Really cool to hear a voice to put to the familiar words. Really appreciate you doing this man.


Was more than happy to. It meant a lot for @ChongLordUno to give me a platform. Him and Joe have an awesome show.




Finished listening to the whole thing. Great job, gents!

@ChongLordUno you have an outstanding interview style. You’re able to keep the conversation moving and coherently prompt the points you want made without taking over. Half the time I listen to these, it’s about the interviewer using the guest to prove why the interviewer is the smartest guy in the room. Kudos.
This is not to be a petty gripe, and I don’t know how to fix it, but I would recommend looking into how to fix the audio delta between you and the guest. Yours was very quiet and JM’s very loud. Not a big deal compared to the outstanding content, but we know new customers won’t tolerate having to “work” (i.e. continually adjust their settings).
In general, I’m really enjoying watching your craft evolve. You’re building a presence that is you vs what we’re told people want to see. Over the longer term, I think we’ll always see core values win over placating nonsense; you’re carving an admirable path.
Great stuff!

@T3hPwnisher I have always enjoyed your writings and you said a couple things I’d always thought as well (so I’m committing the interviewer sin I just pointed out above).
The first was about “what are you saving yourself for?” in regards to injury. I’d had a handful in my old job and I was able to come back the first few times and there were always people talking about “I’d be too worried about X, Y”. Why? Is it going to impact your NFL career? What’s the difference in not using your body by choice, because you’re afraid, vs at least earning not being able to use it. You nailed it.
The second was around the concept of “just work, and you’ll figure it out.” Back when people thought it was cool to so be a super space Delta Seal ninja assassin, you’d have all these folks asking how to train up for selection and wanting to have this crazy plan laid out. You know they’re all based on rucking, and you just spent 3 hours trying to plan out when your hot yoga should fall vs just putting a pack on and moving. How much sense does that actually make?
Anyway, I enjoyed hearing this. I know you talked about lack of empathy and you and @ChongLordUno had a great conversation about applying the principles of hard work to different methods of training. I would say I’ve always thought you do an excellent job of explaining what to do, if not how. I think when folks get turned off it’s because they wanted a prescription, but the reality is there are many ways to skin the cat if you have some idea what you’re trying to chase.

Long ramble complete; very much enjoyed.


That delta on the volume was entirely my fault: I had the settings wrong on the software we used. Next time I can have us all match nicely.

You were always such a great force of nature on those selection topics. How many SEALS got there with periodization and conjugate? Haha.


Haha. Thanks. It was always mind-boggling. The hardest dudes were just the hardest dudes; I didn’t understand how that could be confusing.


Extremely humbled by your feedback mate. Thank you very much. It’s totally appreciated .

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This was a great episode and gave me the boost/kick in the ass I have been needing lately. Just excellent stuff guys!


The podcast so nice I’ve listened twice. Awesome listen gents. Truly enjoyed it, and lots of lessons there for anyone willing to listen.

Can’t wait for part two…


Great work, guys. It’s cool to see people outside of the T-nation environment.