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We Are Witnessing A New Renaissance


"The dollar standard lasted 4 decades and channeled 70% of the world's resources and investment to America, a country with 5% of the world population.

The jettison of the dollar standard will ensure uniformed distribution of wealth and investment throughout the world. I would boldly state that the global growth will accelerate as we enter a new renaissance with industrial and hi-tech revolution that will put the 1900's industrial revolution to shame."


Will the end of the dollar as the world's reserve currency lead to a global boom, after the world is released from being tied to the dollar?

What do you guys think? (Esp. turds-for-brains JND)


I'm no scholar, but somebody will always rise to the top and dominate. If not us then a competitor. I'd rather it remain us and I'm betting about the time it truly is too late much of the rest of the world will be longing for the day when it was us as well.


I do not know. This is outside of my area- so I will keep my mouth shut as I have nothing valuable to add to the conversation. You should try that sometime. There would certainly be less of your clutter on the boards if you did.

jnd - (aka Esp. turds-for-brains)


Yup, I already live in fear of the almighty EUR.


same thing was said about Rome


The USA hasn't been the global hegemon since we went off the gold standard...


One of two things is going to happen when the dust settles. The world will either have an intellectual revolution or enter into a new dark age (NWO).


If it's the later, will the gay central bankers take over?


Yes, because a multipolar world ruled by Europe, China, India and the US equals the Dark Ages.


Good luck getting europe to change to any other currancy again for 20 to 40 years... after the majority of them lost amounts of value when they switched to the euro non of them are gona want to switch again in their life times....


But see? it cannot be "us". It can be a few individuals who happen to share a common language or culture but it cannot be collectively understood as "us". Just because it happens to be someone you identify with does not mean you necessarily benefit any more from it -- though psychologically this may be the case. Imagine that some Chinese people were to "dominate" and thus be able to provide jobs to people living in the US: do you benefit any more or less? It will always depend on your individual circumstance.

People have a tendency to group themselves with pronouns this way but it is a fallacy in thinking. There is no "them versus us". It is everybody against everybody else.


That is not entirely true. It was able to become an even larger hegemon because it specifically went off the gold standard and was able to inflate its currency artificially. Though the ultimate consequence now that the world is starting to wake up to this financial fraud is that it must lose its hegemony.


Yup, we are pretty happy now.

The cool thing is that it is very hard to print your way out of your misery when 20 countries need to agree to it.