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We Almost Got Asteroided Last Night


Really close apparently:




Guess anything turns into a verb




oh yeah, it was really close, it knocked off my chimney on the way by.


Shit, at this rate we won't even make it to 2012!! Agh!! Time to go rape, pillage, and plunder! Who's with me?!


Your suggestion sir, borders on controversial.
On the other hand though... Did you say rape?


i work with this guy who says in 2012 hes going to take all the girls at work and put them in cages and drive up north and start a girl farm


Oh... whoops. I thought we were starting that already.

Back to the actual story, though, that's interesting. Since there's apparently SO much evidence against 2012 I find it funny an asteroid like this can be so under the radar.


I accidentally read astroglided


Im surprised I havnt heard people talk about this


Am I the only one who wants something like this to happen?

I can honestly say that, when they degraded the chances of "Apohpis* to collide with earth, to 1 in 45,000 I was actually dissapointed. Wtf is wrong with me?

Maybe I'm some kind of supervillain?

But you gotta agree, that an impact would make things a hell of a lot more interesting..


The universe is random, this asteroid was random, any cause and effect generalizations we as humans make to things beyond our control are just flaws in our psychological schemas. When you're a toddler, you go through this phase as your brain tries to understand the world around it. Well documented in psychology, for instance try explaining to a toddler that Jimmy pushed him on accident because Jimmy tripped over his shoelaces. He won't believe you.

It is more comfortable for our minds to believe that the world is going to end BECAUSE of something, a date, a calendar, a Bible chapter, than it is to believe that it could end at any moment, for no reason whatsoever.


asusvenus...you're not alone. Working in a boring office all day watching the country become emasculated makes me long for apocalypse, so the survivors can wear leather chaps and drive around looking for gas and abusing gyro-captains. It'd sure beat this boring dreariness.


All well and good, but it's all still theory. Not making an argument one way or another, jus sayin.



I've actually constructed an entire wardrobe out of chain mail and saw blades for the inevitable collapse of civilization. If I were more mechanically inclined I'd like to convert a snowmobile to a sort of "apocalypse-mobile" by replacing its tread with an actual tank tread and painting flames up the side.


I almost got Rick-rolled last night, so this asteroid-thingy is not really a big deal to me.



Maybe we could use the Deep Impact type comet collider to deploy an explosive payload. They used copper in the penetrator, but that might not be good enough.. Maybe a multiple launch vehicle which first recons the target with a single collider and then selects the suitable penetrator and explosive payload based on the size and composition of the target.

Hopefully they have something like this or better planned already.

Edit: Nevermind.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asteroid_deflection_strategies


That is more or less the funniest thing I've ever read in my 21 years of being alive ahaha. Gold DB. Gold.


So wait... you just gave very un-quantitative 'evidence' that the Planet-X/Nibiru theory could happen, hmm?


Nawww, just saying why people find it easy to believe that the Mayan calendar signals the end of the world. Not really on topic, but I can do whatever I want with my posts.