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WDFPA World's Results?

does anyone have a link to the WDFPA World championship results? They were held in Turin last weekend. Two of our lifters won their classes; Gaz won the Masters1 75kg equipped & Helen won the unequipped 58kg class I think. I’d really like to see the full results if anyone can help.


OK guys I found 'em.
Not sure what the link was but I got a pdf of both equiped & unequiped.
Helen lifted in the 58.5kg senior class.
SQ, 80 / 90 / 95kg
BP, 60 /65 / (67.5 no lift)
DL, 135 / 145 / (150 no lift)
Total = 305kg World Record!
BTW the 150kg DL attempt was a WR attempt (She will get it soon)

Gary lifted in the M1 75kg class equiped.
SQ,190 / 200 / (205 no lift)
BP, 105 / 115 / 117.5 (for info Gary does not use a bench shirt)
DL, 200 (no lift)/ 215 / 227.5kg
Total = 545kg
BTW, Gary’s achievement is better appreciated when you consider he snapped his Achilees tendon two years ago! Helen has been Powerlifting for only about 2 years.

Drug free PL is alive & well in Lancaster, UK


Yep, that was the link,