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Ways To Stay In Shape While Injured

Okay, so I recently lost 10 lbs, and would like to keep getting lean. Problem is, I got a chip fracture during my Rugby game, and need some ideas on how to keep losing weight and getting exersize even though I’m on crutches for a few days.

I am not a doctor/therapist/trainer nor do I play one on TV.
Just stabilize the part that needs to be stabilized and do makeshift lifts. Bodyweight exercises and such.

When I rolled my ankle 5 weeks ago, i just focused on arm, shoulder and back exercises and did one legged stuff for my other leg, seemed to work out just fine

During that time, my chin up strength shot through the roof and i set a pr doing a 45 pound weighted pull up for 2.

moral of the story, take this time to focus on something else.