Ways to Relieve Back After Heavy Lifting?

Hello guys👋
So can you share some ways(exercises etc) you personally use after heavy lifting to help your back recover and even get stronger to prevent injuries or pain, while getting it ready to hit again some heavy weight ?
Or that you perform to your back days…
Thank you!!
(Pls do not say yoga etc)

When I used to do heavy deadlifts I would occasionally sit in on a yoga class… these days (with a few uncooperative lumbar discs) I have a whole core routine with stretches and exercises focused on stabilization of the lower back/pelvic area. People forget that there’s a lot more going on with your lower back than just the “lower back muscles”.



What’s that routine?? Does it allow you to lift heavy despite the lower back pain you describing ?

Why not, if it works?

One of the best things you can do for your back, in general and especially after heavy lifting, is any form of decompression. Hanging from a pull-up bar is the easiest way. I’ll sometimes hang and slowly/gently rotate and pivot from the waist to loosen the lower half more. Basically this, but I don’t use a bench:


Thanks so much I’m recruiting it.
I don’t like yoga because I’m into dynamic forms of exercise - I know that yoga can be too but its just that it doesn’t suit me…
I believe I can find equal ways to manage revover without yoga…

I do Donnie Thompson’s lower back protocol for about 5 mins after heavy squat or deadlift day, it’s great for decompressing the spine and streching out hips:


I either hang on the pull bar for 2 minutes or hang upside down (ankle straps) for 2 minutes depending if I’m at the YMCA or 24 hour fitness.

Spine feels like I didn’t even lift after leaving the gym.

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I like the seated piriformis stretch personally. I find if my lower back is ever tight/sore loosening up my hips and glutes provides instant relief.

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Wow thanks!
Hope it works for me too!!

Thank you!
You mean two minutes without stop?

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Thanks I’ll search it in YouTube for proper form…
And what do you do for warm up before the actual big lifts?

You’re welcome.
Yes, well if you can. If not do like 30sec intervals or something. Just get 2-3 minutes of decompression. Seems to help me quite a bit. I also hang from the bar, do pull-ups, or hanging leg raises during my sets so I get decompression in during the workout as well.

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Good idea, yeah I think I’ll stick to the intervals cause usually after workouts my hands are pretty sweaty so I can’t hold for so long, but the intervals will def do the job for me!

I do hanging leg raises

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Thank you!!
I see that this is a must for what I’m asking !

THis is just my personal approach, but I’ll meet with a PT this week and I’ll see what their input is

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Can you inform me too in here please?

Tight hamstrings contribute to lower back pain in a big way. Considering you had hamstring pain/strain earlier, it’s possible this is a big part of your problem. Stretch your hamstrings thoroughly, I like standing one-legged stretches with a foot on a platform so you can easily keep your back flat. Rounded back stretching doesn’t agree with me.

Piriformis stretches are big, as @mr.v3lv3t said. Also @Chris_Colucci was spot on with the spinal decompression. If you have any sort of disc problem, the lower back will be tight as a result of that, not because of any sort of injury to the spinal erectors themselves. Stretching the lower back can aggravate disc injuries. You can also do spinal decompression on the leg raise apparatus that has you putting your weight on your forearms/elbows.

Also. If that’s you in your profile picture, first off- well done on a solid physique, but I wonder if you have posterior pelvic tilt - I.e. an excessive arch of the back that pokes the butt outwards, tightens up the lower back, and weakens the hamstrings. There is certainly such a thing as too arched, and if your spine isn’t neutral, it’ll cause back problems eventually. I have it, and I have to constantly think about tucking my hips under me, a movement which would cause a neutral person to be rounding their back.


If your back hurts after heavy lifting, I think it can be useful to do some stretching or light work for the small hip muscles Before you lift heavy. Like a little warm up to get things loose and moving properly before you jump into the heavy stuff that’s messing you up.

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This helped me too