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Ways to Mix It Up

hey! im pretty new to these boards. i have been reading up on some interesting conditioning techniques. i was wondering what were some unusual yet effective techniques that can be used for conditioning… something a little less boring than jogging, walking etc.

also does anyone have a complex that they would really recommend for conditioning? thanks any advice!

Those two I’ve picked up while training Muay Thai with Kru Bill Judd. You’ll need a partner and a set of thai pads:

  1. Mountain Drill
    Partner holds a pad, you kick once. You hold a pad, he kicks once. Same thing twice, three times, … up to 10,15, whatever suits your fitness level, countdown to zero again. Makes 100 kicks for a count of 10. Each kick has to be harder, faster and stronger than the last one.

  2. Kneestrike sprints
    Muay Thai clinch your partner, kneestrike him 5 times per side, sprint to the end of the hall, sprint back, Muay Thai clinch your partner, repeat. Each kneestrike has to be harder, faster and stronger than the last one, each sprint has to take you less time (it’s impossible, but then it all comes down to dedication, you know).

Important not to forget to puke afterwards. You don’t, you’ve probably done it wrong.