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Ways to Make Food Digest Faster


Just a question...
Alot of energy seems to be devote to producing results in the realm of boosting metabolism. More meals a day, smaller. But what can you do to food itself, to make it roll through digestive tract quicker?

This is something I have been extremely interested in finding out about.

Liquid food?
Finely chopped?
I'm wondering, thank you.


Why? Whats the point? If it is to feel hungry more often that isn't the goal of eating smaller portions but more meals spread throughout the day. The meals and spread out so you are never hungry and so you always have some protein all the time.


I think about more like to avoid cramps with muscles from training most specifically running or swimming on a full stomach.


Just plan your meals accordingly so that the meal before a training session is liquid!


The digestion process begins in your mouth. Chew you food really well. Take advice of the "The Great Masticator," Horace Fletcher. Food should be chewed thirty-two times before being swallowed.

"Nature will castigate those who don't masticate."


I think I learned that fiber speeds digestion time. I know that it at least speeds the flow of waste through the intestines/colon.


Only if it's insoluble. Soluble binds food into a gel-like substance and slows it down.


A food processor. I use it constantly, but not for starchy or sugary carbs.


buy digestive enzymes. they sell them at vitamin shoppe.


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echoing what's already been said...

eat a lot of smaller meals a day. when you eat, chew your food.

also, when you sleep, sleep on your left side.


digestive enzymes have been known by many to work. I don't know of any studies, I have seen minor ailments cured when someone couldn't properly digest a particular nutrient such as zinc from beef rather then overloading the person with 10 oysters.

If you get cramps when running you shouldn't try to rush the food through your system. If thats the case it was pointless to eat the food in the first place. Reduce your food intake to liquids before your run and eat well ahead of time. If it really annoys take note of how long before you run you eat each time and when you get cramps and when you don't. Then plan your meals accordingly.

As for fiber most people dont' recommend taking fiber before runs, or you'll be running to the stalls.


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Not everybodies body produces enough enzymes to digest the type of foods they choose to eat. Similar to how some people are fine with increase lactose in milk and some aren't. The ones that aren't can take lactose enzymes to help them digest the milk.


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