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Ways to Fill In My Back


weighted pullups as heavy as you can whether you use a belt, a dumbell between your feet or someone holds you down.


You missed the part where OP is 5’10", 290, and does 135-pound pulldowns. I’m thinking weighted pull-ups aren’t on the menu for quite a while.


Oh yeah you’re absolutely right, I don’t want to be pretty strong for an injured guy. I just want to be a really strong guy. I want to be deadlifting 300x5x5 by early next year I hope. I’ve recovered a lot and am losing weight pretty quickly(am at 286lbs) and I’m finally seeing my deadlift approach my older numbers after about +3 months of grinding. My deadlift is up to 225lbs,compared to March’s 100lbs. That was so embarrassing… I’ve recently started squatting again 145lbs( not where I want it to be). I used to squat all the time but my nerve root would always start to inflame. Its taken me a while to get back to squatting because I’ve been nervous about injuring my back again. I’m taking it slow. But Things are so much better after the surgery. I’ll definitely start up a log.


shit I injured my back somehow. Not sure how, but I did. Well I have a theory though. It involves standing up at a Mushroomhead concert for 3 hours then trying to adjust my back, incorrectly. My lower back feels kind of locked up. Like a nerve is being compressed. It can’t take any load. Even 135lbs is too much at the moment.
I always get nervous when I injure myself and that gives my depression a foothold. I’m trying to maintain a positive attitude and outlook. Anyway anyone have any stories of lower back injuries, like what you mindset was, and how you approached gym work while healing?



Go see a good chiro and/or get some ART therapy

Loads of things to try here in this thread for mobilising back. Working on hips can also help take pressure of lower back…