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Ways to Blunt Bad Taste of CEE

just wanting to know if anyone who takes creatine ethyl ester (powder form) has any methods they use to help blunt the horrible taste? or is just a case of man up and drink it up.

Use creatine monohydrate. Problem solved.

[quote]wfifer wrote:
Use creatine monohydrate. Problem solved. [/quote]

Ditto. CEE is junk. There is a forum post here somewhere where it was proven to be absolute Junk.

Just blowing your money on false claims in my book. Creatine Mono is tried, tested and proven to work.

I agree about the comments about the monohydrate as well. The easiest way, I find to take any powder form supplement is to just spoon it right into your mouth, drink some water and swish it around in your mouth and swallow it.

I agree that mono is superior. I also tried the CEE and couldn’t stand the taste either. I mixed it with 8oz of water and a pink lemonade Crystal Light “On the Go” pack. Basically they are one of those single serving tubes of powder meant for a 16oz water bottle. Using less water for the mix kills the horrible CEE taste. I would just drink more plain water once I choked the mix down. Worked pretty good.

I like mono better as well…

BUT, if you already have the product and can’t man up and drink it then you can always cap it.

Google a pill capping kit or somewhere along those lines and I’m sure you will find one. I think bodybuilding.com sells one as well.