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Waylander's Journey to 300


Howdy fellas, so I have decided to chronicle my "Journey to 300" pounds. I have not been on this part of the forum much at all, but it seems like a really great tool so I figure I'll give it a shot.

I'm a bit detrained at the moment, I just finished working 117 hours over a 9 day period (holy shit balls that sucked), I operated on basically 2 small meals a day and had only one chance to get to the gym. Anyways, it was worth it, I made bank and now I'm ready to hit it hard again.

I'm down to about 276 at the moment, but my weight will rebound quickly now that I can start eating again Thank God! haha

The goal that I hope to achieve while posting my training in this log is to be at least 290 by the end of September but I am really gunning for 300.

A few recent PR's I set prior to that insane work week were a 430x3 bench press and a 365x4 front squat. I'm not that strong at the moment obviously but that should give you an idea of the numbers I'll be working with. Some other goals I have are to bring up my chest, tri's, legs and also hit 500 and 405 raw on the bench and incline, respectively.

Thanks to everyone who will be following me through this!


waylander for president!


Yea dude...fucking girl weights huh.


This is gonna be good shit, are you gonna try and eat as clean as possible, or just slam everything in sight?

Also, what program are you gonna run? For someonne your size, I'd suggest west side barbell.


Back/bi's/calves I'm just going to list the top sets, I have no idea what my warm ups are generally.

Pre workout: 50g WMS, 75g Whey, 5g Leucine, 5g creatine
Peri: 25g WMS, 25g Whey, 5g leucine
Post: 50g WMS, 100g Whey, 10g Leucine, 5g creatine


Neutral grip Pulldowns: 2x10 300 lbs
T Bar rows: 6 plates x12 & 7 plates x8
Pullups : 3x15 BW
HS low Row: 2x15 155 lbs (stacked, not plate loaded unfortunately but still pretty damn heavy)
Face Pulls: 3x15 80 lbs


Preachers: 2x8 135 lbs
alt DB hammers: 2x10 70 lbs

DC calves-

Straight leg: 8x400

I'm going to take it a little easy for the next few days, I see food as a lubricant and until I feel "fueled up" I don't like going super heavy for low reps. I should be 100% by wednesday.

XBC: Obama ain't got nothing on me haha
hrdgnr: lol I meant I couldn't hit those weights again at the moment, should be back to those numbers quickly though.
JD: I've used the dirty bulk method, not a fan anymore. I generally eat really clean, really high protein, limit the carbs and moderate to high fats from EVOO and beef. I'm starting my AM cardio once I move into my appt tomorrow as well, so I don't think bodyfat should be increasing much. As far as the program goes, I just use a 3 way split, hitting each muscle 2x/week, I pretty much refuse to use premade programs, I'm just not a fan.


This will be awesome


are you thinking of competing at all?


If I can hit a sold 300 lbs and hold on to that a bit, I was thinking about competiting. I'm so critical of myself though, I just want to make sure everything is proportional and perfect before I get on stage. IF you are my height and don't bring your A game, you're fucked.

But yes, I will compete.


You're a fucking giant and the weights you put up piss me off.

Best of luck.


Can you post your meal plan?

Excellent by the way. Good luck.



Good job way on representing for the big guys. I'm 6'2 255 give or take at 13-15% bf.I just have a quick question your going to bulk to 300 then cut? And when u cut what weighht do u think u will be at? I know this sounds like a noob question but just would like to see what you think.


Damn that is a hell of a lot of protein around workouts. I think I will up mine after seeing that.

So is Leucine a staple in your diet now? Notice much difference with it? I thought about buying some but its pretty expensive.


Most likely, I'll have to see how I look first though. Ideally I'd like to be 245-250 in contest shape or just a lean 275 or so. It may be that I will go above 300 lbs first who knows, this is all uncharted territory for me so I have no idea what to expect or how I will look when I get that heavy.


Yah I try to have it on hand at all times now. I think it really does help with catabolism during your workout and gives you an extra anabolic boost pre/post. I just feel more powerful/fuller when I use it.


This is gonna be a good log for sure.

Get huge brotha.


Thanks for the comments bug and JB.

And as far as my diet goes AR it generally consists of 4 meals of either oats, eggs, beef, cottage cheese and natty PB, as well as some chicken occasionally. The other 5-6 meals are shakes.


Chest/Tri's today, pre/peri/post workout supps will be the same everyday, as well as 1g of caffeine. Once again, I'll only be listing the top sets I usually have 3 warmup sets prior to these, just so you know.


Bench press: 405x4
Incline Press: 365x3
Dips: BW+135x5
Cable flys: whateverx3x15


Overhead rope extensions: stackx10
Close grip BP: 275x10
1 arm DB OH extensions: 70x8
Rope Pushdowns: whateverx3x20

Pressing was sort of weak but it still felt great to get a solid workout in, makes you realize how much you miss it when you are forced to take time off. This is also the magical time of year when all the college kids come back on campus and the gym is packed full of retards, it really upsets me sometimes. One guy randomly started talking to my lifting buddy about crossfit while we were in the middle of the set and I looked at the guy and went cough "homo" cough, he had a real wounded look on his face haha. Moral of the story is don't interrupt people when they are mid set!!!

On a side not, man I was ravenous yesterday I ate so much food. Was back up to 278 this morning.


You're a strong sumbitch. Plan to keep an eye on this here log. Keep up the good work, dude.


Sounds like you are going more the route of Karnak instead of Waylander. Unless I am totally off base with your sn in which case this will make no sense.

Either way best of luck with the bulk you are a strong dude that is for sure!


Hey Apostate, is Karnak a character in the David Gemmell novels? I can't remember lol, lots of characters to keep up with and I haven't read those books in quite some time.

Shoulders/Hams today, same pre/peri/post supp dealio.

DB shoulder press: 120'sx7
DB Seated laterals: 60'sx10,10,10
DB Front raise: 105'sx5
Rear cable fly: 40x 15,15

SLDL: 315x16,12
Lying leg curls: 140x8,8,6

Fried after that, just got home.

P.S. School starts tomorrow.... NOOOOOOOO!!! :frowning: