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Waylander's Iron Journal


Checked out this site, thought it would be a good place to start a log as people here seem to know their shit.

About me: Been training for about 1 year, and went from a 147lb weakling to a 192lb weakling.
My PRs are:
Squat: 225
Deadlift: 287
Bench Press: 171
Over Head Press: 110
Power Clean: 154

However I took 3 months off because I slacked and lost quite lot of strength and mass.
Currently I am 6 ft 2, bf is about 10%, around 182lbs and rebuilding my strength again. I have long legs, a short torso and arms like an orangutang, so I fucking hate squats but deadlifts are the shit.

Goals: Strength with low bf%
1.5xBw squat
2xBW Deadlift
1xBw Bench
Get to be over 200lbs

Diet is pretty much eat a lot of cheap stuff, as I'm a Uni student. So I'm aiming to get over 4000 calories a day. Might post a more comprehensive list later. Ok it's time to start training again today, right after I get these stitches taken out of my leg.

Much love






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I completely thought this was Way's new log.....

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No this is my new account and log, some faggot is hacking my old account and I've lost a shitload of strength and muscle.

But on a serious note: Todays training session!

Squats 70kgs 3 sets of 5
Bench Press 65kg 3 sets of 5
Deadlift 120kg only managed 3 reps
Dips: didn't really count, just did 2 sets to failure

Have dropped 10kgs on the squat because I took 2 weeks off to heal my leg, which I smashed into a wall and took a huge chunk out of. I also wanted to work on form because I have the goddamn goodmorning out of the hole problem. Still had some trouble activating my glutes and hamstrings today, which showed in the deadlift which I should have been able to do quite easily. Hopefully this first session back will reactivate my glutes and hams, otherwise it's activation exercises galore.

For anyone wondering, I'm doing starting strength



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At least it looks like this Waylander will keep up with his log.


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