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Way Too Much Pre C*m

Anyone on TRT experience this? Any slight sexual thought around my GF gets the pre cum flowing. It’s SO annoying and wasn’t like this before TRT. I’m not sure most women like whipping your dick out with it all wet prior to a BJ.

Anyone have any ideas of why this happens… and maybe HOW to decrease it?

Have you had blood work while this was going on? Or is this a relatively new thing?

This happens when I was on a Vyvanse which is a vasoconstrictor.

does she say the samething when your eat her pussy full of white cream :slight_smile:

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You mean bloodwork mid BJ? Worth a try.


Does this taste bad? I can’t imagine it’d be pleasurable? I’ve had sex before, but I’ve never actually eaten a girl out

These two don’t correlate whatsoever, the amount of precum produced wouldn’t change in response to vasoconstriction, if anything you’d have trouble getting it up… That’s like me saying “I shoot massive loads” following tobacco consumption, phenylephrine consumption etc… that’s not how it works… the two aren’t correlated

As long as she cleans herself and didn’t just run a marathon it’s fine. Pleasurable for the girl to get eaten out? Many girls can only orgasm from direct clitoral stimulation so it’s definitely something you should do before you stick it in. Plus, after a certain point she’ll literally beg to be fucked and that makes it worth it right there.

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Plus, there are few things better. Better learn to get to nom’in @unreal24278

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If it increases the constriction of the glands and ducts involved in ejaculation it certainly can work that way.

huh… didn’t think of that… but theoretically vasoconstriction (if extensive) would impair ejaculation, not aid it… this is backed up by numerous case reports/trials in which a noted side effect of high dose amphetamine (recreational or prescribed) is… difficulty ejaculating, erectile dysfunction and so on/so fourth. I think you’re thinking of vasodilation, but perhaps I’m wrong

interestingly appears spontaneous ejaculation (not precum, spontaneous jizzing) appears to be a noted side effect from methylphenidate usage, hypothesised dopaminergic alteration + norepinephrine reuptake may induce this, even absent of sexual stimuli… gives a real meaning to that lonely island song

I hate this kind of music… but it is very funny @SkyzykS

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Unreal24278… is learning, I was aware of the clitoral stimulation aspect, but not the fact that it was something one is supposed to do prior to sex… I have no idea how foreplay works

When I had sex (the one and only time) we made out for like an hour, removed all our clothes etc, had sex… it lasted about… thirty seconds, not because of premature ejaculation, but because I was so nervous I couldn’t keep it up… very embarrassing, turns out I’m not the only one this has happened to

I was fifteen, so rather young… don’t think I was ready at the time… CERTAINLY READY NOW THOUGH DAMMIT

I had the opportunity to in Spain (the girl was in her late twenties, asked me how old I was… I’m like “18”… she’s like “tonight… you’re 28”… had to show my ID to actually prove I was in fact 18, not older… we were both drunk, I didn’t have a condom so I didn’t go through with it (I make bad decisions at times… but not of that calibre)

She was actually very attractive, was an ego boost for sure. We met a few hours prior to that interaction, first interaction I was sober, she wasn’t and was thus shamelessly hitting on me, second interaction I’d just come back from a bar… Couldn’t get any condoms at 3am in a small town

Honestly, consider it a good thing

Before trt days when I had good libido, i used a precum a lot too.

Still trying to dial mine in and I don’t feel as horny nor do I precum.

Consider it a good sign in my opinion.

I mean you’re horny and wanna fuck her brains out right? It’s a good thing


I wouldn’t normally say shit like this but it’s something I wish I knew at your age so I’m going to tell you as I guarantee the girl you do it to likely has never had a guy take his time and do it right. Especially girls your age.

This is something that took me a while to learn and many men never learn it. Foreplay is key. The longer you prolong it the better it is for her. Kiss her, kiss & suck her neck, ear lobe, behind the ear, spend some time on the tits especially her nipples. SLOWLY work down her body kissing every inch of her body before you ever get to the clit. Use your hands to run up and down her body as well. Every so often go back up and kiss her and work back down. Throughout this you can lightly brush against that area but briefly (tease her). The more she anticipates it happening but doesn’t know when, the better it will be for her. Women are different from men. They need lots of stimulation before you ever get down there. Once you get down there follow this guide.

All you need to know is these two methods the Pancake method & the Vortex method. I’ve personally found the Vortex to be the better of the two but having both in your back pocket is good as all girls are different. After you do this she’ll be yours for life.


Thank you for the description, super graphic… but I appreciate the advice

Regardless of a manual/instructions, I do think sex may be one of the things in which practice = perfect. I’m sure the instructions will help, but to become fluid with my movements, become a great kisser etc I think it requires a lot of practice.

If you just doing a one night thing, you probably just don’t want her for life. So get hard she open legs and whether it takes 2 minutes or 10 minutes… Who gives a f

I still like to keep them somewhat happy. More repeat business that way.

And then you’ll meet another woman who will change the whole thing up on you. The pleasure spots of one don’t necessarily transfer. Ive also engaged with women who did not want/need foreplay. It’s fun to learn so have fun.

Imagine if she just came and zipped up before you finished.


This. That’s part of the fun of repeat business, because you learn their tricks and they learn yours.

But in general there are a few different types of simulation that work for women. I’ve found most respond well to the 2 finger col de sac, where you run your fingers on the ribbed area right inside and up. Girls with big clits like oral. Girls with tiny clits and don’t get off with the 2 finger method tend to need deep stimulation from sex.

Really what’s most important is she’s attracted to you and turned on. Then it’s water works galore.

We are talking two completely different things. You’re a YouTube video and I’m a Godfather trilogy disc set. It takes me at least 45 mins minimum so she better either be fully primed, have lube on hand, or a good book because she’s going to be there for a minute lol