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Way Too Much Fat Intake

so i know this has been covered but i wanted to try this. so basically i reduce my carb intake and up my fats while keeping a small surplus. i started eating .8 xbw on fats instead of x5 (105 ish fats for a 154 bw guy). and found out i was feeling more flabby in the mid section of the belly and abs covered faster. guessing higher fat while bulking increases fat storage?

What kind of fat are you eating? Anyway, your fat intake in grams (or calories) doesn’t look to be inherently problematic on a mild surplus. If you are getting in 18 cals per pound that’s 2770 calories. You are getting 945 from fats. 150 grams of protein would put you at 1545 which means you are still taking in 1235 cals or over 300 grams of carbs a day.

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A larger free fatty acid intake will tend to slow down metabolism and lead to a troubled glucose tolerance / insulin resistance as per the Randle cycle. So in essence fats will make you fat, and people blame carbs for it.

.8 g/lb is twice as much as what I’m down to, being very lean and active. That’s a decent base point. I’d try to stick to .5 or .6 tho. Then over time as your body composition improves you can progress towards even more carbs less fat. The nature of your carbs is important of course: tubers, fruits, basmati, little to no grains nor dairy.

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Cortisol can make you retain water and abdominal fat and an increase in omega-6 fatty acids can raise cortisol because they are inflammatory.

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What’s your calorie intake? Did it change? Feeling more flabby or did you actually measure a change (scale, waist, etc.)?

well i increase peanut butter but does that count as actual omega 6 i do eat a lot

its just feeling but no change in waist line. i increased cals

thanks mate yeah im experimenting with higher fat intake

Hey tontongg,

I always struggle with my fat intake, especially since I can´t eat dairy, nuts, seeds and avocado.

I´m 6.2 with 158 pounds and around 10-13% bodyfat. Right now I eat 2300 calories per day.
Right now I have my fats around 50 grams, Protein 150g grams and 300g of carbs.

I always have fear that this is too low regarding optimal health and hormones?!?!? Do you think it´s enough fat in my case?

I also appreciate every other comment, tipp, help etc.

Thank you very much!

The fat in peanuts is about 80% Omega-6. That means that one ounce would put you over 12 grams of Omega-6. Less than 8 grams is optimal, though 10-15 is not “extremely high”, but has to be balanced out with omega-3 from fish oil. In addition, it carries free radicals to blood vessels. Also, peanuts are actually legumes and contain high levels of lectins that promote gastrointestinal inflammation.

I am not “all or nothing” on foods, but fats from peanuts are in no way an asset to nutrition. It would be similar to adding tablespoons of soybean oil to your diet. Plus the high lectin levels in peanuts can preferentially make FAT cells more sensitive to insulin and also makes it hard to absorb the protein from peanuts.

Other nut butters are better but more than about 2 ounces of “nuts” is still going to put you over your daily omega-6 and total polyunsaturated fat level. The omega-6 promotes inflammation and the total polyunsaturated level raises oxygen free radicals that cause heart disease.

Macadamia nuts have virtually zero omega-6.


I used to be 6’3 and 145 and went up to 205 which I now maintain effortlessly being very lean… the whole thing on low fat diets. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten more than 80g of fats consistently in my life. When I did, my sex life tanked, appetite plummeted, and my LDL and SHBG skyrocketed. I kinda think that skinny guys (and skinny fats) may not be good at low carbing at all.

Anyways the first thing is - you’re obviously underweight. Eat according to what a normal weight would be for your height, aka 200ish. Slowly going up to 3000kcal will do your hormones a world of good. 50grams are enough, 60-70 will be ok. Just bump carbs up a bit (same list as per my post above), and proteins, and lift heavy stuff 4ish days a week, and sleep well. Good luck!

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Also a good suggestion while you may be working your way up when it comes to carb tolerance and insulin sensitivity, I think that MCT oil is an interesting supplement. For a number of reasons I’d much rather gulp 3tbsp of it over the day instead of bananas and oats, for instance

what about cashews? i bought sunflower butter too

Hey tontongg,

thank you very much for taking your time and responding to my question! I appreciate this! Thank you! I´m very happy to finally found someone with a similar height and starting weight. I still have a few questions and I hope you can help me out with my situation.

  1. What is/was the minimum amount of fat you ate per day in your bulks and cuts? And how much fat do you eat to maintain your current bodyweight?

  2. Is there a difference regarding fat intake and hormones if someone is perfomance enhached or not?

  3. Do you think that 150g of protein per day is enough for my height and my current size? How much protein do you consumed over your transformation from 145 to 205?

  4. So when I´m right, you only manipulate carbs for a bulk or cut? Protein and fats are the same!?

Thank you very much for your time, help and effort!!!

Hey mertdawg,

thats a really interesting post! Thanks for sharing so much valuable informations!

I´m interested how you get your daily fats in? What sources do you consume and how much of it? How do you inccorporate them into your diet/meals?

Thank you very much!

It all depends on the type of fats you ingest. If I were you I would try avocados, dark chocolate, Fatty fish, whole eggs, nuts, and chisseeds. You must also eat extra virgin olive oils. Try these foods and let’s discuss the outcome.

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great selection @arose2018

I’d add coconut to that. Careful with cheap eggs, I try to stay away from everything arachidonic acid. Prime lipid for higher inflammation by way of prostaglandins etc.

  1. I never did a cut. We’re skinny AF naturally! Just slow bulk. Fat intake was always between 60 and 80g a day give or take 10g. Only recently did I cut it down to 40g (at night) +MCT oil (throughout the day).

2a) I’d maximize insulin sensitivity even further with more carbs, and would definitely lower fats to around 15% of the macros and play from there. That’s the best way to keep lipids in check if you’re prone to high LDL (I am).

2b) Don’t you deal with PEDs before you’ve successfully bulked to a lean 200+ tho!

  1. I just went straight for 200g a day and kept it consistent. Rarely went above 250, rarely under 150. Currently around 160, feels good.

  2. Affirmative

i also have low testosterone at 200 ish and i weight 153 and 6’2” but i dont know if its related to this because i was first diagnosed with low t at 170. i do remember eating too much fat but little cholesterol. not just low t tho. low igf1 too

So you’re not primary hypogonadal? …Improving insulin sensitivity will help a lot. Eat a high fiber (high fruit and tuber) diet and try to handle stress well. Fats should be on the low side I like 20% of my calories, however don’t be afraid of saturated. Use MCT oil if needed, with apple cider vinegar it makes great vinaigrette dressing. You could always supplement DHEA around 12.5mg 3/-4 days a week. More extensive bloodworks needed though.

how did you determine primary? i do have low lh and fsh which might be secund