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I really need to lose a buch of wieght, and would like some advice. I used to lift weights quite a lot when I was in high scholl playing sports. But since then I have only touched the wieght pile now and then.I am currently 5’11" tall, 270 lbs, 37% bodyfat. I’m looking to get in the range of 15-20% b/f, hopefully within a year or so. my question is this should I concentrate on cardio, or wieghts? what about those low carb diets? supplements? pleez help.

There’s a magazine associated with this forum. It’s called T-mag. It has over 230 issues with 4-5 articles in each one about diet, training and supplements. They’re free to read. They’re all online. Read them. Then ask. There’s even a FAQ section and a column for newbies. You’ll find that this is a very helpful forum, IF you do some research on your own.

I’d try Duchaine’s BodyOpus diet, which is probably the best keto diet. As for training, strength training would be the way to go, cycled with something like EDT or GBC.

  1. Weight training should be the backbone of your exercise efforts, particularly when dieting.

    2. Investigate High-Intensity Interval Training.

    3. As previously mentioned, read every back issue of T-Mag. We all have, and that’s why you’re asking us. Now take the power into your own hands.

BURK! For fuck’s sake, man, the link to the FAQ is on the main page. Read it before you ask another question on the forum. Please, no one respond to this, we must weed out this type of questioning from the forum. BURK, I know you’re not familiar with our ways, but read the FAQ at least before you ask any more questions. Thanks.


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