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Way to Track Pharms?

Might be a stoopid question, but how do you guys track all your pharm?
like day, type, amount etc?

just to keep track, I currently have science project of a spreadsheet tracking two compounds, AI, serm, B12 etc. as well as what day I took it, dose, etc. with weekly, monthly and overall totals. While this works and is very useful, I have to REMEMBER things and wait until i’m near my computer to put it in

Is there no easier way?
Is there no APP?

My phone is ALWAYS with me and im religious about using Myfitnesspal and Strong, And feel like the excel stuff is oldschool

I just bro it up and wing it.

So far haven’t had any issues on missed doses.

Then again I guess I wouldn’t know if I did huh?


Pen and paper. Weight myself every AM, list anything I take that day and at what time. It’s in the kitchen so I can always jot down a note easily.

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Google calendar.

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There are several apps available that people use for other prescription meds that are handy.
I use one call pill monitor on my iPhone.

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I like Google Keep app. It has lists that you can check and uncheck each line and is really simple and easy to use. I use it for everything I need to remember or keep track of.