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Way To Go Golds!


No power racks, dumbells only up to 100, yet a NEW AB SOLO!!!

thanks Golds!


I'm confused, how does it work?


What the fuck is that? One of those things you put money in and get 30 seconds to make as many free throws as possible?


I think a wall works just as well.


LOL that's exactly what my first thought was.


My Gold's has power racks and db's up to 150. Are they changing their stock setup?


Are you an idiot? Or just trying to be funny?

I can't tell


Keep in mind that Gold's are franchised. Most are great such as the one I go to (up to 150dbs, lots of racks, tons of benches, HS, etc), and some are moving toward the soccer mom - don't judge me - Planet Fatness crowd with colored dbs, row after row of incumbent bikes, and serving you bagels and pizza for your para-workout nutrition.


WTF... I go to Gold's back home, it's a nice gym with heavy weights. If that changes, people will die.


looks like you shoot the ball into the net and then it gives you redeemable tickets



And Arnie cried.


Attempting the latter, most likely the former.

I was in a hurry, geez.


The tickets are redeemable for abs.


I have this at my gold's but my golds also has DB's that go up to 180, a couple racks and plenty of benches, plates bars etc..


Dont laugh, but I used that thing. Once. They get pissed if you throw the balls too hard. And the seat hurts your lowerback.

Better used as an odd peice of sculpture than anything else.

Oh, and good one DDay!


I think the premise is that people will be sitting up with a slight lean - position maintained by tightening abdominal muscles - and the user will be distracted by the task at hand (scoring a basket).


The gym on campus at OU has one of those

I had the pleasure of watching someone try to use it for what seemed like their first time

I was pretty entertained in between sets of pushups, they couldn't seem to get the timing down right


Your school much money to spend.


Someone get a job at golds and switch out those yellow balls with yellow bowling balls...