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Way to go, Cass!

Props to new T-vixen poster Cassanova (Cassandra) for getting into Reader Mail this week. Wow! Nice pics too!

You’re beautiful, intelligent, and muscular. You’ve obviously been dedicated to living the T-Vixen lifestyle. But, I have to ask, were you doing tricep kickbacks in the second picture? That’s not hardcore. Let’s see a pic of you banging out some dips.

yup, thats a hottie.

Thanks TEK, whoever you are, for the nice comments.

To CMC: I am heading off to the gym today to take a few more shots… and this time I will include dips!! But, the tricep shot still looked great, dont you agree?
I’ll post the new pics as soon as I can- those pics in the reader mail were taken 2 months ago, and I have since done a lot of German Volume training and beefed up the muscle bellies quite a bit. See you soon.

You look great, but I had the same reaction as CMC when I saw the kickbacks. That movement has a certain stigma-- and stereotype-- associated with it though it is a decent excercise for its intended purpose.

Cass: Oh, yes, I agree. Everything looked great. :slight_smile:


I agree w/ everyone. You looked awesome and very inspiring! :slight_smile: Thanks for the great pics.


 Cassy is pretty hot! Nice and curvy ass - pure t-vixen material.