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way of the heavy bag

Does anyone out there have favorite heavy bag programs their willing to share?

I’m looking for some ideas to diversify my training.

I usually do 4-5 rounds(5 min.), one focusing on long range striking (jab/cross/hook/kick combos, another round on low kick/punch combos, another round on punch combos, yet another on close range (knees, elbows, body punches, shoots, “dirty boxing”), and 1 or 2 all-out everything goes.

At times add rounds for power development, others for footwork and speed.

For conditioning purposes occasionally I alternate sets of burpees or jump rope with bag rounds.

Quite a few different combos can come out of this but would like to hear some fresh ideas & welcome an exchange of info.

-enlightenment through harder contact-

i usually work the way i did in camp at thailand and was to work 5 minute rounds start with right round kicks as hard as you can then in the last 2 minutes double the kicks up then the last 30 seconds go non stop

repeat with left kicks then punches

thanx Assassin.
I imagine there were buckets nearby for those not used to it!
Do you work combos at all on the heavybag or save that for thai pads and sparring?

Interesting workout & I’ll try it- have dome something similar before and its an ass kicker (pun intended).


What is your goal? Fat loss or development of skills?

Well not much on kickin’ info from me, but as far as punches go try doing speed rounds, then alterate with power rounds. For one round punch using combinations but with speed as the main objective. The following round bring 1 or 2 punch combos with power in mind. Try doing two rounds of each and see how that makes you feel. If you feel ok then follow that up with a combination of both in one round, this routine is to be used as a real fight situation. Very exhausting if you ignore your breathing. Remember, the slower your punches are, or the less you punch the more your opponents’ punching.

Da Boxer

thanx KO and Boxer.
My goal is primarily to develop skill, but also to work on conditioning. I do other types of training that helps with the fat loss & conditioning.

That said, what would you recommend for conditioning drills using a bag?

I like the idea of alternating speed & power rounds, then integrating. Practical and effective.

Has anyone mixed in rounds of sprints, jumprope, burpees etc…?
I’ve found it has helped with stamina but can affect technique in subsequent bag rounds.

You seen Mahler’s High Octane Cardio? He works in some bodyweight/kettlebell drills.

Check it here.

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