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Waxy Maize + Whey & Anaconda

Is there any reason I can’t take waxy maize + whey protein about 30 minutes before my session and then sip Anaconda throughout?

[quote]burt128 wrote:
Is there any reason I can’t take waxy maize + whey protein about 30 minutes before my session and then sip Anaconda throughout? [/quote]

I would first ask why do you want to do this? But yes, it would blunt the absorption of Anaconda, you want to have at least 2.5-4hours in between your last meal before you start sipping your first dose of Anaconda. Typically, you start sipping on the Anaconda mix 15-20min prior to training and then the rest throughout. If you want to save that concoction for 45-1hr after you’re done training i think that would be a more appropriate place for it but not prior. Just my 2cents though.

How has Waxy maize become superior to dextrose(D-glucose) or other fast-acting sugars? It seems to be popping all over the place: I don’t get it. I don’t see any issuses with doing so, as execrise physiology is pratically a fun house compared to normal physiology(outside of physical exertion, espeically weight-lifting)

If you can afford Anaconda why bother with the whey and waxy maize? It’s an honest question here.

It’s become superior in advertising claims because it is very, very cheap by the metric ton, and there is marketing advantage compared to using glucose or maltodextrin.

The advertising often cites studies which sound impressive, but the studies were either not performed with waxy maize at all but with Vitargo, which is different, or were performed with waxy maize processed differently than the cheap stuff that is, as you say, popping up all over the place.

Thanks for the feedback. I wanted some extra calories before training, so my thought was to combine the whey and waxy maize. I guess I’ll just take an extra scoop of Anaconda.

For extra calories you could either do FINiBARs once they’re back in stock, or some Grow! Whey, peanut butter and rice cakes, for example. Just make sure to have enough time between that and Anaconda.

What’s the deal with the Waxy Maize anyway? I’ve been hearing alot of “debunks” about its insulin spiking qualities. Whats t-nations view? (Well besides the fact we are supposed to buy Surge instead, lol)

There is no remarkable insulin spiking property to any carbohydrate.

Where high molecular weight carbs can have an advantage is that some properties of solutions, such as a drink, don’t depend on the number of grams that are dissolved per volume, but the number of molecules. A calculated figure for this is “osmolality.”

It’s no problem having for example 60 grams of glucose in a liter of a sports drink, if that’s all that is there. Without going into the math, the osmolality would be 333 mOsm/L, which is fine for absorption.

However, say you also wanted leucine, citrulline malate, creatine malate, some electrolytes, etc…

Well those alone could push the concentration to 300 or 400 mOsm/L already, leaving little further room.

So there would be no room to provide the carbs as glucose.

The right high molecular weight carbohydrate can meet this need, as the same number of grams amounts to far fewer molecules. There won’t be an insulin spiking effect beyond what can be obtained with glucose if glucose were used alone, but in this case the same drink can provide these other things at the same time and still provide rapid delivery of glucose and insulin spiking.

However, rice oligodextrin and even moreso highly branched cyclic dextrin are better for this than waxy maize. Waxy maize doesn’t dissolve well.