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Waxy Maize / Waximaize?

I’ve been reading about some supplements that contain this product, and about the ingredient derived from complex carbohydrates…and contains no sugar but has the same insulinogenic effects of sugar, but does not take as long to enter the blood stream. This would seem to be an effective way to restore glycogen.

I only know the basics and was wondering if anyone had additional info.


I was wondering how this compared to the D-Glucose present in Surge.

-Also is there a reason that this form of carbohydrate (starch) was not included in Surge when the pwo formula was created?

Has any T-Nation member tried this as a part of their PWO regimen along with protein?

correction, i dont think it spiikes insulin like sugar, but is still successful at replenishing carbohydrate stores.

same questions still apply

I think I remember reading CT write about it in the New Thib Zone somewhat recently. If I remember correctly, he claimed that by itself waxymaize is very insulinogentic and gets to the blood quicker, however when paired with other macronutrients like protein and such, it’s absorbtion rate slows down to equal that of the protein. He also mentioned that its more expensive. In short, it loses its benefits when added to a combo drink like a pwo shake. Hope that wasn’t confusing.

Heres CT responding to a similar question

[quote]Christian Thibaudeau wrote:
I’m not saying that vitargo isn’t good. In fact, when taken by itself, vitargo (waxy maize) is probably the best carb to quickly refill muscle glycogen. BUT (and that is a big but) the reason for that superiority is lost as soon as it’s taken with something else.

You see, vitargo/waxy maize is good because of its molecual weight, which makes it absorbable 80% faster than regular carbs powder. However when you mix it with other ingredients like amino acids, protein, creatine, etc. the combined molecular weight of the product becomes ‘‘normal’’ and the mixture is thus not absorbed any faster than other carbs/amino acids/protein formulas.

So in that regard it isn’t worse and it isn’t better… it’s just more expensive.[/quote]

hmmmmm…not sure sure that would be 100% accurate. That is, why would combining it with a nother substance like prtein powder slow it down? The body will recognize the difference. In fact PWo the body would absorb the carbs first even if mixed with other aminos and proteins.

i guess you could drink one…wait 15 minutes so the waxy maize does its thing and then down a protein shake…WPI only.

and yes i understand…thank you for including CT’s comments on the subject…

any one else have experience using// or have general knowledge of this product?

I have taken it in the past. CT said it right ( don’t really know why you would be debating CT, he only does this for a living) you should take it by itself right after your workout and then have your protein later.

It’s good, I may take it again in the future, but it is more expensive than tradtional post WO carbs. Look around, maybe you can find a deal on the internet.

Thanks greek dawg, and just so you know I wasnt arguing with CT, I was actually saying that his explanation of the digestion and how it is affected by mixing with aminos was particulary interesting and helpful.

It was nice to have a post from someone who has used the product.

There might be internet deals, but cost per serving (including a serving of protein) comes out to about what Surge is per serving (Actually less). But thats not the biggest issue

  1. Effectiveness is number one
  2. Cost is #2

Any other waxy maize users? or naysayers… Im up for either opinion…whether you’re for or against-

Thanks in advance

Just out of curiosity, but have you tried Surge (or any other malto/dextrose/whey hydro mix)?

yes. I currently use Surge. I am simply taking into consideration another form of PWO carbohydrate. A starch as opposed to a sugar.

I have nothing against those who use Surge im simply trying to acquire some addition info. I did some reading on the product, but was wondering if there were any person opinions.

I do like the fact that Surge includes the whey hydrolysate and added BCAAS

Well if you’ve tried Surge, give the waxymaize a try for a month or so. You can be the lab rat (no offense). I would be interested to know if you noticed a differnce and what it was.

I just got a large batch of Waxy Maize from TP. I’m taking it pre/during workout and post workout with BCAAs(10-15g) and creatine(5g) both times.

Justin Harris of Troponin Nutrition is a big believer in this stuff and has used it A LOT so he’s the best source for information as far as I know. He does a carb cycling type diet and on higher carb days takes in WM megadosed around workouts and between meals.

If you do get pure Waxy Maize don’t be suprised when it has a VERY chalk like texture.

scottiscool, I think some company offer like fruit punch flavors with sucralose so it doesnt taste like complete crap.

and you said you bought yours from “TP”… what site/company are you refering to?

I wasn’t sure how much T-Nation would like me talking about another supplement companny. It’s True Protein, and yes they offer the flavors. I got premium lemonade and it tastes very similar to lemon lime gatorade but with a chalky aftertaste. It’s not too bad just suprising if you aren’t prepared for it.

i know what you mean…some bcaa powders are flavored as well…

i guess i could describe it as cheap kool-aid

I really dont see whats so novel. I mean starches are essentially sugars or act like them in the body if they are simple enough. Look at Maltodextrin its a starch


Out of everyone who has used it…was True Protein the only company that has been used…or have other brands been tried as well…

the only brands I know of (and Im usually pretty good at doing my research/due diligence) are True Protein and Vitargo. Google waxy maize and see what comes up.

This is a stupid question, waxy maize is in fact corn starch, why couldn’t one use simple plain old corn starch?

Vitargo and True Protein seem to be the only brands I hear about when people talk about using waxymaize.


And greek dawg, there is a difference between body building waxy maize…and baker’s waxy maize corn starch.

One is just meant for thickening, where as the others are altered forms of the corn starch for absorption purposes. They come in different “breeds”…Some companies make amylopectin while others trademark other formulas