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Waxy Maize Post Workout


Hello all.

I am a morning lifter, so here is a quick overview of the morning diet.

5am - wake up, protein shake (34% whey isolate, 33% micellar casein, 33% egg white)
6am - have a shake while i workout (30% malto, 30% dextrose, 25% hydrolyzed whey, 10% glutamine peptides, 5% BCAA's)
7am - get home, waxy maize shake
730am - large breakfast (eggs, milk, oatmeal, potatoes/cheese/salsa if i make an omelet)

Just wondering how this looks. I originally had planned on switching the peri/pwo shakes, but supposedly the waxy maize clumps easily so I decided on just drinking it afterwards instead of sipping during my workout. Does it make a difference?


I think you should front-load your carbs (WM in the 5am shake). Not because I love the front-load bandwagon, but because I have no idea what the hell kind of fuel you're running on with your current set-up. Plus, bandwagon.


I agree with Guilty77....you could also split up one Full serving and take 2 scoops in the morning and two post-WO.


So what you guys are possibly thinking is WSM pre and post, while keeping my peri shake the same?

And then just reserve my protein stash for throughout the day.


I say reserve the protien obviously. WSM can be taken throughout the day in half servings (2 scoops)..if by peri shake you mean and intraworkout supplement, I dunno what you take but I find sizeOn works, or yo could just drink water or gatorade..There are the options, it's up to you to fine tune and decide what works best for you.

If it helps any, I find this stack works best for me (when trying to gain weight).
1 full serving of the wm product I use is 4 scoops.

morning: 2 scoops of wm
2 scoops wm spread throughout the day to equal about 3 full servings (incl. morning shake & pwo)
pre-workout: 1-1.5 scoops of creatine/NO based product
intra-workout: 1 scoop sizeOn
post-workout: 2 scoops wm
Before bed: 2 scoops of whey protein and EFA's


in the long run it won't matter either way as long as youre hitting your daily macros. i would probably cut your 7am wms shake in half and add one of the halves to your 5am shake to give you a bit more energy early in your workout since it looks like you aren't getting any carbs pre-workout. i'd personally also just replace the other 1/2 serving of wms at 7am with a scoop or two of whey if i planned on eating a breakfast with carbs shortly after. if you're not planning on working out again before breakfast, there is no rush to replenish the glycogen stores.



What is your reasoning behind creatine pre-workout and the sizeOn?


How does this look with some numbers:

5am - waxy maize shake - 40g scoop=38g carbs

6am - have a shake while i workout (30% malto, 30% dextrose, 25% hydrolyzed whey, 10% glutamine peptides, 5% BCAA's)- 45g scoop=30g carbs, 14g protein

7am - waxy maize shake - 40g scoop=38g carbs

So pre/peri/post, thats 106g carbs, 14g protein and the other good stuff in the peri shake.

Somewhere between 730 and 8 I'd start making my breakfast of usually, like I mentioned, plenty of eggs and milk and cheese, oatmeal or potatoes.


I'd rather just have 2 shakes in this scenario. Maybe 25 grams of protein and 50 grams of carbs before training and depending on the goal something similar afterwards. Shouldn't fill you up too much. Then big ass breakfast.


So just a pre and post. Nothing during my workout? Doesn't WSM digest pretty quickly. Maybe I'll just drop the pwo and have a Pre Workout WSM, plus the Peri workout shake I listed; nothing post other than a monster breakfast.


Well the creatin/no product helps retain water and provide better energy reserves for workouts....the sizeOn is just intra-workout which delivers some nutrients/bcaa's etc during workout..So I'll take Superpump250 15 mins prior to working out and sizeOn during workouts..you could do the same thing with Noxplode and cell-mass from bsn. Works well.


I think your reliance on supplements is too high. Have you considered a bowl of oatmeal as part of pre-workout meal? If you find you don't have enough time for a sit-down meal at 5 AM, perhaps consider blending it into a powder and adding it to your protein shake. You could even blend it the evening before.

The benefits of oatmeal are plenty: it will 'fill' you up more since it's a solid food choice, it digests slowly and also contains some protein. Plus, 10 kilos of the stuff will run you a fraction of the price when compared to your overpriced Size On or Surge or whatever else is out there. Just a thought...


For the last damn time. Youre 140lbs. Stop talking about 'what works well' until you look like youve lifted weights for more than a few months. fuck


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