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Waxman's Gym: Oly Gym in LA/Southern California


My name is Sean Waxman. I wrote the article "A Beautiful Snatch" for T-Nation a few years back (thank you TC for the opportunity.)

I've just opened up my own gym in Lawndale Ca. The gym is located 5 minutes south of the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) off of the Inglewood exit.

It's a private gym specifically for people who wish to learn how to properly perform/coach the Olympic lifts or for athletes who have the desire to compete at the National/International level in Weightlifting.

I also do Strength and Conditioning for SERIOUS athletes or people who want to train like one.

If your looking for somebody to tickle your balls, there's a Velocity right up the street. If you want to become an animal on the platform or the field, come down and say hello.

Learn more about the gym here http://www.waxmansgym.com/

I hope to see you soon

Fight until your very last breath!

Sean Waxman
Waxman's Gym



Can you link to that article? I used the search and it doesn't come up. I don't think I ever read it...



I'm suprised T-Nation hasn't pulled this thread...lol



Did I do something that violates the rules of this forum? If I did I apologize.


Here you go Glenn,



If someone can overhead squat 300 lbs could should they snatch 300 ?


Hell f0cking no man....

If you can over head squat 400lbs you wouldn't be able to Snatch 300lbs imo...to Snatch 300lbs it will require A LOT OF TRAINING.

Sean I only mean Tnation pulling the thread as they typically do when people link to outside sources or magazines or when someones trying to sell something LOL. Their forums their rules...



just puzzles me that someone 170lbs can snatch 240lbs.


Nothing stopping you from doing it mate :), very good lifters get 135-145 and elite lifters 150-165Kg



Just found your gym online, Sean. Great to know! I'm moving to LA in a couple months and hope I get the chance to take advantage of the location.

And thanks for the article. Nice breakdown.


I look forward to seeing you and thank you for reading the article!