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Waxing/Hair Removal



I'm no hairy dude but wanted to know what's the best way to remove hair on my legs? I dont like trimming it because it doesn't come out clean, nairing/shaving doesn't last long, and waxing isn't bad, but is really, really, really messy.

What do you guys recommend? I searched the forum but haven't found much.


why are you asking this on a bodybuilding forum?


I placed this topic in the bodybuilding section because I'm doing this as a body builder and not to enjoy my silky skin. Also, I coudln't find a more appropriate section.

May you suggest a better place if you dont mind?


ha! I thought you asked just for the silky skin and not for a competition or something, my bad. Because from your first post it would have made more sense to me to place it in the off topic section


This topic has been discussed numerous times, usually in the off-topic forums. As for what to do, pick the one that suits you best:

  1. Shaving
  2. Trimming
  3. Nair
  4. Waxing
  5. Laser

Personally, I use my trimmers (Wahl haircut trimmers) and I don't use any attachments. I trim as close as the blade will go and trim my legs this way every other week.

I shave my armpits, chest, stomach, shoulder and neck area each week using either a razor blade or the Norelco Body Groomer.

I've waxed before, but it was painful, and because my hair is so thick, I had many in-grown hairs. They recommended that I not wax my chest/stomach anymore.

I've also used Nair, but I hate the smell, and it always burns my skin or irritates me.

So shaving and trimming work best for me. If I could afford laser hair removal, I'd have it done. In fact, I had it done on my back/shoulders back in 2000-2001, but it didn't work on me. Maybe the technology is better now, but it's also a lot more expensive. And I'm not going to pay thousands of dollars for something that may not work again.


How much does it usually cost for a salon to wax the full leg?


I don't know. Why don't you call someplace that does waxing and get a price quote in your area?


To give you an idea on pricing, I used to pay $30 to have my back waxed every 3 weeks or so. This was five years ago in the New York area. I once priced out a full body wax, and that would have been $200.

Personally, after experimenting for a few years with other hair removal approaches, I settled on pretty much the same approach that Nate Dogg uses:

  • use a Wahl trimmer to buzz all my body hair fairly short, about every two weeks
  • shave armpits, abs, shoulders, neck and groin area every few days

I do plan to give the laser a try sometime.


hair removal is a must for bodybuilder, but it sucks, such a pain in the ass.


May I introduce the bodygroom by Phillips norelco. I shave everywhere with that thing, and I mean everywhere. Works like a charm, painless, and no ingrown hairs whatsoever. I strongly reccomend it.


I use this. But I wouldn't use it on my legs. It would take far too long. But it works great on my chest, stomach, armpits and neck/upper back/shoulder area.

Also, I've now gone through four of these things. For some reason, the "foil" part of the shaver keeps breaking on me. I've found that you have to be very careful not to press too hard or too fast, otherwise, it pops out and can't be put back in.


You've gone through 4? LOL. You do realize you can buy replacement foils instead of dropping 40$ for a new shaver each time right? The replacement foils cost like 9 bucks. The foil needs to be replaced when it becomes to thin and gets holes in it. The shaver itself lasts forever.


I find that most guys hair grows back so fast that waxing is effectivly futile compared to shaving and the cost and time is not worth it. I used to have to shave for a few years for cycling and tried everything and ended up resorting to shaving in the shower in the morning. Its still a pain in the ass, though


I haven't found replacement foils for them yet.

However, every time one breaks, I buy a new one and return the old one and get my money back each time. Essentially, I've only bought one but have used four. :wink:


Hey guys, I'm glad this was brought up again, I too have been through the ringer on this issue, and yeah, it just plain sucks ass. The waxing is fucking painful if you don't do it religiously like every two to four weeks, and that starts adding up big time as you guys know...

           I've been doing similar to NateDogg, with the hair trimmer/groomer deal, but every now and then you can get a nasty "bite" from that mofo around the sensitive skin areas, like behind the kneecap, ankles etc...

         I guess I'll give that norelco bodygroomer a shot...It is worth the hassle IMO to be able to better check things like vascularity/size/definition etc..

               Thanks for the valuable info Nate and Greek Dawgs....this was a cool read for me..




You're such a hustler. I like that. :slight_smile: Anyways, you can get the replacement foils online at their website or calling phillips norelco direct. Sometimes, they'll even send you some for free.


Sweet! I'm going to call them up and have them give me some free the next time it breaks.

I didn't register every one that I bought, so I went ahead and registered this one and kept my receipt just in case. They should send me 10 foils for free since I've already gone through four so quickly.

Two of them busted within a month. One lasted two months. The one I just replaced lasted nearly six months. We'll see how long this one lasts.

I'm just too damn hairy.


I like the body groomer, but last time I used it was a disaster. I was in a hurry and didn't notice the foil had broken. 5 minutes later, my chest and abs looked like someone took a Ginzu to it. Slash marks everywhere.

Lesson: check your foil before shaving :wink:



my sister bought this, and I've used it a couple of times its and its made some of my hair a lot finer, its nothing permanent maybe in the long run, but it sure works burns the hair like hell. Just make sure u shave an area before using it and also have an ice pack.


I thought I would expand on my earlier post and share some of my experience.

Electrolysis - I've had professional electrolysis on my abs and ears (hairy ears run in my family, and I hate that). Expensive, painful, but fairly permanent. A few hair follicles always manage to regrow, or were in a dormant state and thus missed, so it's a long process to complete.

Figure on weekly sessions for years to get good results. It helps to have a cute electrologist to distract you and take your mind off the pain. Actually, it's not so painful on many parts of the body, but ears are not among those parts.

Home waxing - Ouch! That scene with Mel Gibson in What Women Want was pretty accurate. Messy and time consuming but does give better results (no stubble) and lasts longer than shaving. You may have to deal with the occasional ingrown hair. Unless you're a contortionist, you'll have to enlist someone's help for places you can't reach, such as your back, but of course that's true for all approaches.

Nair - Perhaps you can get good results if your body hair is very fine. Didn't work well for me. Plus it smells awful, and irritates the skin more than waxing.