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Wax- Serious Lyricist


I posted a vid of this dude a few months ago. How guys like Kanye West and Lil' Wayne are millionaires while guys like this remain in obscurity is beyond me-


He has orrible flow, Wayne has sick lines and Kanye has good beats. Could you seriously imagine that guy on TV nooooooo.


He's not much better, but at least he's better then most of the rappers making bajillions....

oh and he's white, thats why.


Dude, are you fucking kidding me? Wayne doesn't even make sense with what he says, he just throws words together and West's beats are all he has.



He's mexican dude...


look up virtuoso and atmosphere then you will know good rap, also jedi mind tricks/army of the pharos are just halarious


Shit, check out typical cats, Canibus, Big L, Eyedea, the last emperor, cunning lynguists, etc.. There are a lot of talented reppers, and this guy is one of them.


The first video you posted was better.

He can battle rap for sure, but can he write songs?

Not exactly the greatest. I haven't heard any more actual songs, so hopefully he can translate his talent to recordings.

(But the video of him and his brother making a beat out of weird sounds is funny to watch.)


Then think harder. Seriously.


Since you mentioned Eyedea, I gotta give some love to another Rhymesayer, Brother Ali. His new one, Us, just came early in the mail today.


And this is fresh, quality funny from Mac Lethal.

Lookin' Bro

Hollister at your boy!


Hey Larry David, since you write comedies about nothing it makes sense that you like rap that doesn't say shit. Have a good'n.


The song 'rainwater' is badass.


i think that sounded terrible. granted, i'm not a huge hip hop fan, and honestly don't know too much about the scene, i thought that beat was boring and the guys voice was irritating. id much rather listen to kanye or lil wayne.

but like i said, i don't know anything so my opinion doesnt weigh much in this case.


No offense but why is it always white people who are like Wayne and Kanye suck blah blah blah this is real rap?


ok correction, he's not black....was the point i was trying to make.


I assure you its not just white people...


Three of my favorite rappers of all time. West and Wayne's blackness has nothing to do with the fact that they suck. No offense.


My new favorite rapper. Give this guy billions.


That's like asking why bodybuilding or powerlifting remains in obscurity while football players are millionaires. The only people who follow the former 2 competitions are mostly just people who are past or present amateurs themselves, while football is something nearly everyone can watch and enjoy.

Even if Wax was the best freestyler or rap battler ever, he would only appeal to people who like rap battles(not many), where people who make music have a chance to sell to everyone that listens to music (a lot of people). On top of that, most people who do like that sort of thing will watch it once or twice on youtube - they're not going to buy it and put it on their ipod.

Writing a good song and putting on a good performance goes a lot more than stringing together a bunch of rhyming one liners. just look at kanye's storytellers vid as an example:

Yeah, his voice sucks and he's using an auto tuner, and the lyrics to heartless certainly aren't spectacular, but it's still a great performance. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.