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WAW Zombies !!


alright a friend and me used to play at shi no numa a lot but since the new map pack weve been playing the teleporter map and today we just got to level 22, hopefully we break 25 soon. we packed a punch 2 mgs a wunderwaff and a pssh. it was gross. the highest hes gone by himself is 25 and in a group of 4 was 27, whats the highest u guys have gone?


2 players level 17, not impressive, but getting better that game is addicting!


ya its super addicting, and just to tell u, at 19-20 its dogs+zombies :X


oh Sweet now thats my goal, kill some zombie dogs


Rattler34 if you have PS3, add me.

Highest I've gotten was level 26 or something. There's a few strategies with that map, one is right near the beginning of the map where you only open a certain number of doors and leave others closed to lure the zombies in a good kill zone. That way you have a lot more room to navigate, you have places to run if shit gets heavy. That's why I hate the ledge up top where most people go. If you get over run there, you're toast.


Fuck Zombies. Let me know when a good game comes out. Like Modern Warfare 2.


I've gotten to level 29 or 30 with three people. We all had upgraded Ray guns and machine guns.




November 10th


I don't play online, but me and a friend got to 22 so far. Ray Guns and MG's are the way to go IMO