Waving Techniques on Best Workout Program

Hi Christian,

In the original article, you use 3 types of techniques. One of the samples you share with me some weeks ago (using strength portion plus 3-4 exercises, 3 on/1 off) you use several blocks for each technique.

For your experience, what do you prefer, using several of them in one plan and move to another ones? or use one technique in the same block?

If so, how is the best way to waving high intensity techniques?

I remember a old article where you listed from 0 to 7 levels according to the difficulty or stress level, but I can’t remember exactly.

I was thinking something like:

Block 1 Forced reps w partials
Block 2 Drop sets w isometrics
Block 3 Rest pause
Block 4 Regular reps

Do you have any advice?


It’s not bad but I would actually start with the “easiest” method and work toward the hardest one. That ensures constant progression of the training stress, leading to more adaptations.