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 Waveloading has been mentioned as a way to gain maximal strength,however can it be used in a hypertropy phase?If so what rep scheme do you use(i,e7,5,3).Also,what exactly is a snatch deadlift and can it or regular deadlifts be used in a waveloading workout?

I think if someone just does more reps in a set that will help build size, like 10,8,6 or 8,6,4 or something. Poliquin & King had in their articles 3,2,1 or 4,3,2 & that would probably build more strength than size. I think the stuff in Don Alessi’s article would probably be good for building mass.

Sure waveloading can be used in a hypertrophy phase. Take a look at Ian Kings Limping series of workouts and you’ll find examples of how to use waveloading for hypertrophy. Typically the reps are a little higher with a back-off set employed at the end. The increased neural activity that the wave loading induces allows you to recruit more muscle fibers during the high rep set. So you might go something like 8,6,4,8,6,4,15-20 with the last set being a back off. As for a snatch deadlift it’s a regular deadlift with a wider (snatch) grip.

Waveloading can be used for hypertrophy. Stick mostly to hypertrophy rep ranges (5 or more reps/set). 7,5,3 would work, but you can try reversing it (3,5,7). Doing the 3 first activates the nervous system so you can do the hypertrophy range set (5 and 7) at a higher weight. Snatch deadlift is like a normal deadlift, only you do it with a slightly arched back, keep your head looking forward, and shrug your shoulders up as the bar reaches mid-thigh.

There were two different forms explaining the snatch deadlifts here. The first is the deadlift with a wide snatch grip. This is the correct form for the snatch deadlift. This position recruits more of the vastus medalis and the whole posterior chain. This is a longer range of motion for the deadlift to travel, so it recruits more muscle fibers. The other form for snatch deadlift mentioned is just a deadlift with a shrug at the end. It sounds more like a power shrug to me. I prefer the snatch grip.