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Wave Training Setup

After a rest week, I am going to try Wave Training in 3 week cycles for the Big Three lifts. Week four would be a back off week. I got alot of great ideas from Jack Reape’s articles, especially this one: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=653950

For each of the numbers for volume, I assigned a total rep range. The volume represents the assistance work. I am working off of Bill Starr’s recommendation of 25-50 reps. For example, a “2” would be low volume, perhaps 24-30 reps per exercise. Maybe like a 4 x 6, 3 x 8, etc.

For intensity, a “2” would be around 80%, and a “4” would 90-95%. For the weeks where intensity is higher, the volume of assistance would drop. Week one on the chart shows a “3” for intensity. I was thinking of starting at 85% for that week. maybe like 8 x 3 on my big lifts.

I was going to start with 2 upper and 2 lower days. One heavy bench session, one heavy squat/DL session, then either speed work, rep work, or assistance work for the other 2 days. For bench, maybe dumbbell work, and lower body pick a weakpoint and work on it.

Any recommendations for setting up my assistance days? Anyone have any experience with this type of template?

Dre, sounds like an interesting approach. I can’t offer much, since I haven’t done this myself, but one thing I did notice was that he mentioned waving intensity and volume independently of one another, albeit in a logical manner.

From what I gathered, it shouldn’t be in a purely linear manner (i.e. increase volume at the same rate you decrease intensity or vice versa).

For instance he recommends as a possibility:

V:2341 3541
I:3241 4351

Where weeks 3 and 7 are both relatively high volume and high intensity.

Sorry, not much help here, hopefully someone else has more experience with this.