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Wave Style Squatting Routine


How to design a good wave style squatting routine?

How about this one:

1RM: 100kg (to facilitate easy conversion of percentages)

Two waves:

Warm up sets:
2x10 bar
1x8 40kg
1x5 60kg
1x3 80kg
1x1 90kg

1x1 100kg

Drop sets:
1x3 80kg
1x1 90kg

1x1 100kg

Drop sets:
2x5 80kg


i think you're over complicating things. squat programming is simple enough. for front squat i like to do what koing does: max it out every time and then do a couple back off doubles. the goal should be to gradually increase the maximum weight you hit. i find that i'll hit a small pr. then for the next few sessions i may hit somewhere between 95-98% of it, then as that becomes easier i'll attempt to match the pr, then i'll start taking shots at a new pr. works great

for back squat, i like just doing straight sets. pick a heavy-ish weight and do 5 sets of 5 with it, or 5 triples or whatever. Next time, add a couple kg and do it again. simple, but very effective.

just my opinion.


What you and Koing do for front squat is almost the same as the routine I posted. The difference is that "my" routine has 2 attempts to hit the max and it's build to facilitate that. Two backoff sets is provided so that enough volume is hopefully sufficient for hypertrophy.

I've seen this kind of routine posted several times but I forgot the number sets, reps, and percentages. I hope that I got the gist of it.


Let's say you want to to hit 120 kg in the FS.





If I recall it correctly, this is Charles Poliquin's approach of a wave loading pattern.


Thanks for mentioning Poliquin. I found one article where he talked about waves:



Just did wave loading for the 1st time on Monday and got a pr on front squats. Went like this:

140 x 3
145 x 2
150 x 1

145 x 3
150 x 2
160 x 1
162kg x 1(pr)

158 was my former pr. 160 felt good so I just went to 162.

I also used it for strict press the next day and finally got 100kg!

I like it.


Did it today for back squats:
180 x 3
185 x 2
190 x 1
185 x 3
190 x 2
202 x 1( 2 kg pr)
My first set of 180 felt pretty slow and hard, 185 x 3 was easier for sure. The method definetly works!


I'm glad that it's working for you. I've tried it several times and set a PR on my FS using this routine.

It might be just a coincidence but I prefer to use this method rather than ramping up set across, e.g. 2x5 > 2x3 > 2x1.


Your wave is VERY different to paperclips one. He tries to hit the same max twice in a session. I'm doubtful many lifters could hit the same max twice after 2 drop sets.

Your wave goes to a heavy single then backs off and goes back up again.

I wonder what you'd have gotten had you just gone
bar x 6
bar x 4
60 x3

instead of waving.

Of course I don't know anything about what the rest of your training is like and how often you are squating though.

I pre go to daily max, drop off 10kg and hit 2 doubles for 2sets, done.



Hey guys sorry if I?m hijacking
But I?m not sure how to incorporate cleans and squats (front 130kgx1) (hang clean 95kgx1)

Currently doing both 3xweek, have been for 4 weeks, 2 weeks left
With the wave style squatting, I find if I?ve done like 5-6 singles on the minute with 80 - 90kg for clean (technique) I can?t really work up to anything really decent in the squat.

So should I just have 2 clean days (making the squats on these days medium and light days) and a wave squat day (heavy)

Wave = 110x3, 115x2 120x1
115x3 120x2 125x1 etc.

Thanks in advance for any help


Aussie - I've done it this way before and it worked well.

Monday snatch singles with some back squat triples
Tuesday clean and jerk singles with jerks from boxes
Thursday snatch doubles and weaknesses
Friday clean and jerk doubles
Saturday front squat 5/3/2/5/3/2/5/3/2 or 3/2/1/3/2/1/3/2/1


hey thanks man, might use the template but only mon, tues, fri sat. still kinda new to all this so i gotta work into the volume cause i cant drop the weight, don't have bumpers yet.

ill start this in 3 weeks after i finish what i doing atm. ill report back when i start

thanks again


Koing, for your squatting w/o you just wrote above, do you do cleans or anything before hand, or is this simply just a sqaut w/o?
also i assuming the weights you wrote ie 120 means hit this for a single?



I always FS first in a session. The only times I don't is probably the last session before I compete on the Wednesday I'll FS after Sn.

Those were numbers for the other person as his best is 162. Mine would be this

Dynamic warm ups
bar x 6
60 x3
100 x3
130 x2
PB attempt
181 x3

I keep the reps to a minimum to not fatigue myself and to avoid extra reps. I try to push 1kg a fortnight. The past 7 weeks I've hit 11 FS PB's.