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Wave Loading

Wave loading right now with my training. Starting with 75% of my 1RM for 5 reps, I’m dropping a rep each session and adding 4% to the weight on the bar. When I successfully do that for 3 workouts, I drop back 4% on the weight, up it back to 5 reps and start over at a higher level. I train every other day on the bench and deadlift, low volume abbreviated program. Constructive criticism from my fellow powerlifters? I want your feedback!!

I have done the routine with success. I discovered that it does not work for me at least, for more than 3-4 weeks. In the past I have cycled this with the 1-6 Principle. Works well. One bit of crticism though, every other day benching and deadlifting is way too much if you are working at maximal weights (over 80% of 1RM). Ck. out the Westside stuff. Geez, I sound like I work for them.

Thanks JRR… I’ll give it a good run for 3-4 weeks. I’ll also build in some additional recovery time.

Did you really add 10% to your lifts over 6 workouts, as Poliquin suggests in his “The 5% solution” article?

10% no. I have been training for 14 years or so and am nearing my genetic max I think. Plus, with all the travel I do, missing a workout here and there, any gain for me is good. I put about 10lbs on my bench which was around 325 or so. If you are younger and pay STRICT attention to diet and training, I don’t think 10% is out of the question.

Thank you JRR. Sounds like we’ve got a lot in common. I’ve also been training about 14 years, travel a lot and am benching in the mid 300’s. I do best on % based programs (hate guessing at weights/reps) and lots of sleep. The eating is more difficult now that I’m 30. I rotate the MM2K bench program (abbreviate it a little) with Poliquin’s 5% solution and a straight, linear periodized routine I got off a link from Go Heavy. If you’re aware of an other good % based programs please let me know. Always good to add another to our arsenal!