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Hi guys i hope you can be of some help to me.
After exhausted my hypertrophy phase i decided to resort back to some strength training. I set my eyes on poliquins mondern trends in strength training and decided upon waveloading using the 7/5/3 rep scheme. I worked on all my one rep maxs to get accurate weights for the waves.
Im doing 7 reps at 80%, 5 at 85% and 90% for 3 reps, the repeat wave. If i acheive all the giving the reps then the following session i am starting the wave as previous but the 2nd wave i am going up by 4 or 5 %.

The method is working well and im benching my 1 rep bench for 3 reps now, and have smashed through the deadlift. However, the wave its self is fine, i under stand all that part but what about supplemental exercises? What rep scheme to follow and set scheme?

Can anyone guide me? Im using a 5 day cycle training plan so train, train, rest, train, rest, repeat.
At the momnet im doing:
Day 1
a1 bench press 753753
a2 pull ups 753753
b1 incline dumbell press 3x12
b2 bent over row 3x12

Day 2
A Squat 753753
B Deadlift 753753
c1 jefferson lunge 3x12
c2 leg curl 3x12

Day 4
a1 barbell curl 753753
a2 close grip bench press 753753
b1 incline curl 3x12
b2 rope pushdown 3x12

Where should i add shoulders in?? Should i even add them in? (of course i should but where?)

And another question, as my ulitmate goal is muscle would i benefit from going 7/5/3/3/5/7 as apposed to 7/5/3/7/5/3?? What the difference be between these 2 rep schemes.

Any help, advice or sturn telling off will ease my over active mind. Many thanks


Your in the Oly section mate…most here can’t do a rope pushdown or have performed a leg curl.


Apologies mate, my fault. I was trying to pick the right one, but got the totally wrong one.

Poor guy, it ain’t body-building either :slight_smile:

Oh Jesus ha ha… What catagory is it going to be in? I’m training for body building purposes, the strength is just a phase to accelerate progress

Doesn’t look too bad really.

7/5/3/7/5/3 isn’t a terrible idea. I never thought I ended up with great strength from it but I do use general waving in my lifts now.

Throw shoulders in during chest and back or arms. But I have had good success using CT’s approach.