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Wave Loading Implementation

I have several questions out there for anyone that has succesfully used the wave loading method. My current workout looks something like this:
Week 1
5X5 core lifts (M:Bench T:Squat Th:close grip bp F:Deads)
Assistant ex: 4X10 usually around 6 ex avg per workout ie. skull crushers, lat pull down. low row, high row etc.

Week 2
5X4 core lifts mentioned above
Assistant ex: 4X8 ex. listed above

Week 3
5X3 core lifts
Assistant ex. 4X6

I am on the second round of this rotation and after the 6 weeks I will be looking for a new workout and i liked the wave loading I was thinking something like 6X4X2 6X4X2. How does that rep scheme sound for strength gains. Also, what would u suggest doing for assistant ex. rep/set wise. I am used to doing this 4X 10,8,or 6 I was thinkin about 4X5s 5X5s somethin like that or even 5x5, 5x4 5x3. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks!everyone!!!

Well, I’ve done wave loading in the past and it sure places a lot of demand on the nervous system. What type of gains have you seen with your program? I see too much assistant exercises and to many reps/sets. I was the same way, I was feeling fine during my workouts and adding some more exercises etc., but I realized I was overtraining and actually lost some weight. I learned my lesson and I haven’t done the same mistake again.

You say you want strength gains, well I used 2 sets of 4/3/2 and worked pretty good. CT has written about wave loading and so has Ian King.

About the assistant exercises, it depends on what exercises you’re wave loading. For example if you’re wave loading squats, then you do not need that many assistant exercises for legs. Another thing, I think you mention that you go 4 days to the gym and resting on the third day, I would rest some more. Good luck and read up on this to help get you started:


Yea i know it is excessive with the assitant ex. but my results from years past of doing this has been extremely well. For example on this routine i did it 8 weeks two summers ago and increased my bench by 60 pounds and my clean 70 and my squat 100 of course this was after a two month break from track (i used to throw sht put) hitting it hard for 2 and half months in the summer.

It is alot of excersizes that is why when this is done i want to change it up a bit. I have read multiple articles from Chris T. on wave loading and Ian King’s article. But, i am about detail and was looking for some general direction. Thanks for your response. Any other help would be great thanks!!!